So how did I get hooked on making jewellery? Was it the wool and silver paper necklace that I made when I was 9? Was it the melon seeds that I dried and threaded into a necklace? Maybe it was the copper enamelled rings I made aged 17? Or my first silver wire ring that I plaited and soldered when I was studying for A levels?

GREEN EARRINGSI think you could say that it was all of those things and I was 17 when I decided to go to Art School to study jewellery making. My first study away from home was my Foundation Art course at High Wycombe. I loved the immersion into Art and Design and I got to try all sorts of disciplines- drawing, pottery, metalwork, resin, textiles, painting and photography.

My mind was still made up to go down the jewellery route though and I began to think about doing a professional apprenticeship. So, in January 1972, I wrote to the National Association of Goldsmiths to find out how I could become an apprentice.

Their reply was ‘We do not take girls to be apprentices but you could try going to Art College’

So that is what I did and here I am still making and loving jewellery. And, thankfully, times have changed and girls have been apprentices for many years.CJ_30

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