Meet the Resin8er: Lisanne Rose

Welcome to Week 6 of Meet the Resin8er!

We are showcasing the work of some of our amazing customers that have inspired us, and have delved into their journey so far with resin – enjoy!

This week’s Resin8er is Lisanne Rose and we would like say a huge thank you to Lisanne for sharing her fabulous work with us.


Please tell us a little about your background.

I come from a large family with three siblings and a mixed heritage/nationality background, which I feel always plays into every aspect of my life. As a family we have all been musical,  artistic and creative in so many ways. I have always been artistic mainly with drawing and illustration since I was very little and loved animation but instead I got a BA in Advertising and Marketing from the university of Hull. I wanted to go to art school or study something creative, however my mother (who went to art school) wouldn’t let me choose that path as she said it was very hard to earn a living as an artist.

After university I worked part time, which turned into full time retail work while still trying to work on my illustration etc. I was living in central London with my two best friends and over 3 years we became sick of our jobs. We all decided to quit and go travelling to South America for 7 months which was one of the most amazing and magical times of my life. Exploring and backpacking with my best friends while illustrating on the go.

That was back in 2015 and when we all came back I moved home with my parents. While home I worked a lot more seriously on my artwork trying to use social media way more and tried to sell some pieces online (this didn’t go so well). I launched a website to sell prints and stickers and pieces (again didn’t go so well). I had a few commissions here and there mostly from people I knew. I had an Etsy shop I  had already created  when I was living with my friends but didn’t sell anything.

Suddenly in November 2017 my father passed away which stopped everything. My creativity stopped. I barely created anything and posted on Instagram maybe once a month or less. I participated in a social media event called ‘inktober’ where you create an I drawing a day for the month of October and my focus was flowers and botanicals, which made me focus a lot more on floral pieces. Around a year later in December 2018 I saw an episode of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on TV where they used resin and flowers, and there was a spark of wanting to try that. I have spells where I take a break (when I shouldn’t) and then loose my want to create in one medium and switch to another like music or painting. It’s usually when I don’t have that special magic feeling with one and so turn to something else. Which is what happened when I discovered resin.

I’m lucky that I can turn from making music to botanical art to sometimes digital art and now with resin. Sometimes I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have at least one of these outlets to pour my creativity into which is probably like most artists.

How did you get into resin? How long have you been using resin?

I got into resin after watching a Kirstie’s handmade Christmas episode in December 2018 and they made a bangle out of rose petals and resin and they were the most beautiful pieces I had ever seen. My brother had worked a bit with resin so I ordered basic supplies from amazon and a few moulds and we gave it a go! They came out pretty well and I was so surprised. I gave them away as gifts that Christmas and haven’t been able to stop with floral and resin ever since.

Where do you make your creations – do you have a studio? Is this your full-time work?

I work mainly in my garage, it is fully ventilated which is very important when it comes to resin and there are no windows so when I’ve finished pouring they can cure in the dark. And as I don’t go in there besides working, no dust gets disturbed to fly in my pours. This is my full time job and has taken about two years to get to this point of having consistent sales and having a decent following on Instagram, where I get most of my custom orders. I also make a few silicone mould pieces for resin crafting.


What inspires your work?

Mostly nature inspires my work. I have a decent sized garden and the seasons and colour palettes available through flowers will usually determine what I might make. I have a large storage of dried/pressed flowers and look at them as if they were my paints for a canvas. As well as this I often think, what would I want to have and to keep, and then try to set out to make it.


What is your favourite Resin8 product? 

My favourite is probably resin8 Fill-it. When I first discovered resin8 I tried coat-it which I adored as it is touch dry within maybe 4-5 hours. This really sped up how much I made, but maybe a year later or so I tried the Fill-it and couldn’t believe how fluid and water like the consistency was, this made it amazing to get into tiny crevices in moulds. Also because it takes longer to cure it massively helps get rid of any little bubbles. It cures so crystal clear and magical.

Do you sell your work? Where can we see your work?

I sell my work mainly on Etsy and some custom orders through Instagram when people direct message me. Instagram is where you can mainly find a large amount of my work as it is my main social channel and following and as it’s image based it’s the most ideal for reaching the right audience.


We hope you are enjoying this series, and have been inspired Lisanne’s beautiful work this week.

Don’t miss next week, when we will be introducing Amanda Johanne Linde.

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