Meet the Resin8er: Amanda Linde

Welcome to Week 7 of Meet the Resin8er!

This week’s Resin8er is the amazing artist, Amanda Linde and we would like say a huge thank you to Amanda for sharing her stunning work with us! We are also looking forward to working with Amanda as a Resin8 Brand Ambassador in the near future, but more about that coming soon.

Please tell us a little about your background.

Both of my parents have studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, so I grew up with and around design, art and architecture. Fresh out of school at 18 I applied to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and this summer I graduated with a Masters in Women’s Wear. I create large textile sculptures that works both on and off the body.

How did you get into resin? How long have you been using resin? 

Three years ago I was asked to participate in a show in Copenhagen, and I had this vision of a large clay sculpture that had to be cast in resin. I spent six months just to find the right resin, technique and colours. While testing, my mother fell in love with my small square samples, and asked if I could start casting samples into a bracelet shape instead, so she could wear them. And that was how my business started.

Where do you make your creations – do you have a studio? Is this your full-time work?

In my studio in Copenhagen Denmark. And yes, its my full-time work. I feel very lucky!

What inspires your work?

My studio is in the same building as my mother and fathers studio. I feel very lucky to work with them every day, they are the best to bounce ideas, visions and techniques with. My brother is studying art at Reitveld in Amsterdam and my sister in just applying to art school. Being around my family is truly my greatest inspiration. We all master different skills and crafts, watching every one of my family member creating and picking their brain is pure joy!

What is your favourite Resin8 product? 

I’ve been working with Resin8 1 to 1 coat it for a few years now, and it is by far my favourite resin to work with! I’ve just started casting flowers with this resin. It’s a very versatile resin, and I recommend it to everyone who is getting into the resin world. And of course I have to mention: THE OPAQUE PIGMENTS!!!! I love them!


Do you sell your work? Where can we see your work? 

Yes, at my webshop: or my instagram.


We hope you have been inspired by Amanda’s beautiful work and are enjoying this series of Meet the Resin8er. Look out for next week’s blog, when we will be introducing Sarah Hoare.

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