Meet the Resin8er: Sarah Hoare

Welcome to Week 8 of Meet the Resin8er!

We are delighted to be introducing Sarah Hoare as this week’s Resin8er, and we would like say a huge thank you to Sarah for sharing her fabulous work with us!


Please tell us a little about your background.

I’m Sarah and I’m a jeweller.  I accidentally moved to North Wales 8 years ago (I came for a weekend and never went back). I decided that I would go to university as a mature student to study applied art specialising in Jewellery/metalwork.

I started my jewellery business while studying for my BA (Hons) degree. My business name is inspired by my children, Bird is my daughters nickname and Monkey is my son (although another one has arrived since then)

How did you get into resin? How long have you been using resin?

I started using resin when I was doing my degree 7 years ago. I love adding colour into my metalwork and resin works perfectly for this.

Where do you make your creations – do you have a studio? Is this your full-time work?

I work from my kitchen workshop, I have a small space in the corner and do all of my soldering next to the sink. I also teach jewellery evening classes twice a week at the university (although this is on hold at the moment for obvious reasons)

What inspires your work? 

I have always been inspired by nature, the countryside and the world around me especially living in beautiful Wales. I’m very interested in the Language of Flowers, every flower has a meaning, for example a Bluebell means Thank you and a Red rose means Love. I love working with bright colours to make stand out pieces and enjoy working with clients to create bespoke pieces.


What is your favourite Resin8 product?

The product I use most is Coat It resin (1-1)

My favourite product is the mica powders, the beautiful colours they create are so pretty. I must admit I’m a bit addicted to them.

Do you sell your work? Where can we see your work – Instagram and/or Facebook? 

I sell my work via my website, on Folksy and The British Craft House.


You can find me on Facebook and Instagram and the following websites:

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  1. black soap dispenser says:

    thank you for writing this article, there are a few sentences that I agree with and there are some things that I might want to ask, from some aspects, are you an author? because your writing in some of these articles is very good and can bring readers to a new opinion.. I really love your perspective. You did it well!

    • resin8 says:

      Hi, thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear you are enjoying these interviews. If you are interested in any of our featured artists and want more information about their work, they all have links at the bottom of the post, which will direct you to their social media accounts.
      Many thanks.

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