Meet the Resin8er: Andreea Dragne

This week’s Resin8er is Andreea Dragne, and we would like say a huge thank you to Andreea for sharing her stunning work with us! If you would like to see more of Andreea’s beautiful resin art  she is exhibiting at the Gardens Galley in Cheltenham this weekend – more info about that here.

Please tell us a little about your background.

Hi. I’m Andreea and I’m a mixed media artist and jeweller. I was born in Romania, where I studied graphic art at “Nicolae Tonitza” College in Bucharest, where I developed an interest in the Abstract Expressionism movement.

I adopted Cheltenham as my hometown since 2014, where I started to develop my artistic career.

Mainly self-taught I strive to expand my skills & techniques which have enabled me to channel my creative passion.

I have recently attended a Masterclass in Electroforming in Florence. Also a Coloured Resin Jewellery Masterclass with Kathie Murphy in 2017.


How did you get into resin? How long have you been using resin? 

I started using epoxy resin in 2014, when I created my first jewellery collection, mainly for me. It was just a hobby back then.

I love to create unique and statement jewellery, combining resin, crystals and electroforming processes.

In the last three years, I have felt the need to grow and move a little bit further from jewellery to paintings and homeware. Due to the freedom of expression on a bigger scale, at the moment I am between these two categories.


Where do you make your creations – do you have a studio? Is this your full-time work?

Yes, I have a spare room in my flat which I turned it into a jewellery workshop, and a shared studio at Lansdown Art Studios in Cheltenham, for bigger projects like paintings or homeware. Yes, I know I’m really lucky. It is not my full-time job yet, but I aiming there.


What inspires your work? 

I have always been passionate about nature and I always take inspiration from beautiful places all over the world. But microorganisms, landscapes and aerial images of the Earth motivate me to experiment in an alchemic way.


What is your favourite Resin8 product? 

Hmm.. all of them!

But if I have to give you an answer, I’m using a lot the Fill-it epoxy resin for jewellery and the high viscosity Coat-it resin for paintings. I also love the wide range of the Mica powder, they’re perfect for any type of projects.

Do you sell your work? Where can we see your work?


We  hope you have been inspired by Andreea’s fantastic work and are enjoying this series of Meet the Resin8er.

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