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Top Tip… How to prepare fabric for use with resin

Who doesn’t love a fabric and resin bangle?! We’ve all been there – the resin soaks into the fabric, it warps, distorts and even bleeds colour into the lovely clear resin. Well no more…!!!


Simply cover both sides of the fabric with PVA glue or Mod Podge, leave it to dry and hey presto – you can now cut the fabric easily – it won’t fray, warp or distort AND it won’t bleed colour into the resin!

Top Tip…Don’t throw mixing sticks away!

It has come to our attention that people are THROWING AWAY THEIR MIXING STICKS….

You don’t have to! Simply wipe them clean with kitchen roll or a baby wipe, leave them to dry and hey presto, they’re good to reuse many many times.

We can’t quite work it out but we reckon we have some mixing sticks that are over 10 years old…


Top Tip…Make sure your resin is level before you dome

We like to add a layer of doming resin to the back of castings, so that they are smooth to wear against the skin. When doing this, it’s important to make sure that the casting is level before you add doming resin.

A handy tip is to use a mini spirit level (as you can see this one was from the RNLI, but we’re sure you can find them on ebay or etsy). This way the casting will have a level back, and look super professional!


Top Tip…Avoid bubbles in resin when using paper in your designs

Avoid bubbles in resin when using paper in your design

Here’s something we’ve learnt by experience…

If you have a curing cabinet do not use it if your resin creations have paper in them. As paper contains air, the action of heating the piece of jewellery up means that the air is released into the resin in the form of bubbles. OH NO!

Instead, pass a flame quickly over the piece before leaving it to cure overnight in a warm, dust-free environment.

Avoid bubbles in resin when using paper in your design

Top Tip…Setting hair in resin

We get asked all the time about what can be set in resin (hair, ashes, body parts, etc)…

So this morning we got busy with the scissors, chopped Kate’s hair off and set it in this silver plated pendant mount (after having made a backing of white pearl resin).

Key point – once set in resin hair will look visibly darker (as it does when you get out of the shower)

Resin8 - setting hair in resin
Resin8 – setting hair in resin

Top Tip…Use a square-ended mixing stick

Here’s another in our selection of top tips. This one is great for making sure that your resin is mixed really well:


By cutting a pre-used mixing stick (lollipop stick) that has already had resin on it you will avoid getting any splinters when you make your cut.  Having the square end means you can get right to the edges when stirring your resin therefore making sure that the resin is mixed really well.

How to…remove bubbles from resin

We’re always asked how to get rid of bubbles that have formed in resin (before the resin has cured that is!).

Well, if they’re really large bubbles there’s no choice – you will have to have a dig around with a cocktail stick (toothpick) and see if you can pop them.  However if the bubbles are tiny try this:


Safety alert – ONLY DO THIS IS YOU ARE USING NON-FLAMMABLE RESIN. We do not advise you do this with alcohol inks unless you want to lose your eyebrows.

Now, you only need to flash the flame over the resin for a second or two. Don’t linger! Also, make sure you do this on a heatproof surface. In the image above we’ve used a heat-proof mat but you could also use a silicone mat, kitchen/bathroom tile or something like an old baking tray.

For those who enjoy the science….the flame starves the bubbles of oxygen therefore drawing them to the surface where they pop and vanish.

Give it a go next time you’re making something with our resin – it will be the best thing you’ve learnt today!