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Resin for Casting

Choose Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin for creating remarkable crystal clear jewellery, sculpture, river tables and art. 

Transparent Tints

Vivid, rich and translucent - these easy-to-use transparent pigments will add a wide variety of intense see-through colour to your resin designs. 

About Us

Resin8 are your go-to supplier for crystal clear epoxy resin, colour pigments, mica powders, silicone moulds, tools and accessories.

We are based in the Cotswolds where our small team work from our teaching studio and warehouse. We've been using epoxy resins for decades and we LOVE it. We're here to share that love, and support your craft whatever your level of skill. With so much experience, we are experts in sourcing the very best materials to give you unbeatable results.

We are very aware of our impact on the environment and use recycled packaging wherever possible. Read our packaging policy here.

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