11cm Missouri Geode - MDF Coaster

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make mixed media masterpieces
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Can't be bothered to create your own freeform geode? Try covering our hand-cut wooden geode in shiny resin and crystals instead! Ideal for beginners and those whose time is limited.

Missouri Small Coaster Geode - Wooden Panel for Resin Art measures 11cm x 12cm and has a 2.9 x 2.2cm abstract shaped void in the centre. Turn it through different angles for different looks, pair it up with our other small geodes for a nice coaster set (use heat-resistant resin if you're going to do this), and if you're brave, try resining both sides...! Steve, our laser cutting maestro, has expertly hand cut our Missouri Geode to our exacting dimensions, just right for covering in coloured epoxy resin. 

Why resin onto MDF?
  • It's cost-effective and time-saving.
  • It's light-weight - therefore not adding bulk to your projects and costing you less to post out to your customers! Also weighs less when hung on the wall, or being added to canvas.
  • No prep required - yes you can prime the surface first with PVA, Gesso or the like, but if, like us, you're always in a rush, just resin and go!
  • Perfect for mixed media masterpieces - gild it, add crystals to it, crackle glaze it, paint it, stick stamps on it... our MDF shapes are pretty versatile!
  • It smells so good - as our shapes have been laser-cut you can smell that gorgeous "recently burnt wood" smell that we all love at wintertime. Makes resining even more of a pleasure! If it's a little dusty just give it the once over with a brush or damp cloth.
Did you know...geodes are found in the US, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and Namibia; the world's biggest (real) geode is more than 11ft tall and weighs 2.5 tons; geode art was made famous by Mrs Colorberry; you can make resin geodes in many ways: on MDF, on canvas, freeform with bathroom silicone, etc!  

All MDF geode shapes are hand-drawn, designed and copyright to © Resin8®.  
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