6cm Silicone Individual Letter Moulds

6cm Silicone Individual Letter Moulds

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Embed stunning whole blooms and embellishments into clear resin for an exceptionally unique sentiment. Capture memories for friends and loved ones by preserving special flowers from a special occasion or event or add sand and shells from a special trip combined with some of our stunning mermaid pearl bubbles. With a super-shiny interior, these moulds provide an exceptional finish for your statement makes. 

In our example we used 2 layers of coat-it epoxy resin. The first layer was poured at around 8am in the morning with the flowers added, and the second layer was poured at 6pm the same day. By following these steps you won't get any lines! As these moulds are in reverse, we suggest either adding texture to the top (in the form of our glorious mica flakes), or sanding back the top surface (using our Rejuven8 polishing collection), or if you don't have the time simply add a doming layer (using coat-it) a further 8-10 hours after the second layer.

You could choose to use fill-it resin - this resin could be poured all in one go, but any embellishments/mica/glitter will need to be added around 12 hours after the pour. This is because fill-it resin is so runny and will not hold the embellishments up in the same way that coat-it will. However, fill-it will provide a harder, more superior crystal-clear finish than coat-it.

  • All of our letter moulds have the same height (60mm) and depth (20mm). The widths vary with the letters.
  • The amount of resin required to fill each mould also varies with the letter chosen - as an example, we used 50ml of resin or 85g of JESMONITE for a letter M. 

How to look after your new mould: top tips from the Resin8 team

Our silicone moulds can be used multiple times - to get the very best resin results it is important to care for them perfectly. Keep your mould in the bag it comes to you in and store carefully moulds do not like to be stacked or kept contained in a box with other items, this will result in the mould losing its shape. Moulds that are more complex to demould from will not last as long as straightforward, plain moulds.

It is best to use a heat tool such as an embossing craft gun to rid bubbles from your creations, naked flames can damage the outer edges of your mould. Take extra care when de-moulding your creation, pay special attention to not scratch the interior of your mould with long fingernails.

Any residue left in your mould once you have finished using it can be brushed out with a soft bristled brush such as a watercolour paint brush. Do not use sticky tape to de-tack dust, fluff or glitters - doing this will remove the interior shine within your mould.

If your casting comes out dull it could be that the mould has come to the end of its life (or that the mould doesn't have a shiny interior surface). You can keep using moulds that are past their best - it just takes a little more effort. Add a thin layer of resin to the casting or use polish and a cloth to bring up the shine. 

You might like to consider using moulds that have past their best for another exciting craft. How about exploring the wonderful world of JESMONITE? Resin-tired moulds make excellent moulds for working with JESMONITE​​​​​​​.  You can find more about this wonderful composite here.

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