Welcome to #Resin8

We are Resin8 - your go-to UK supplier of epoxy resin and accessories for jewellers, artists and craftspeople. 

At #resin8 we sell our own brand resins which produce unbeatable results when used in jewellery, art and craft. Try our extensive selection of excellent clear epoxy resins, including the super-popular, easy to use and non-toxic 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin, solvent free & crystal clear Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin, jewellery Doming Epoxy Resin and our specific resin for making coasters, tablemats and countertops Heat-Resistant Epoxy Resin.

We're proud to have our own range of colour pigments in opaque, transparent and metallic, as well as mica powder, glow in the dark powder and neon powder for adding to resin. We stock a wide range of tools and accessories that you'll need for working with epoxy resin, a fantastic selection of clear silicone moulds for casting resin jewellery and shapes, and even our own silicone mould making material called Mould-Maker. You'll find a great selection of silver plated jewellery bezels too.

If you need a little support along your #resin journey, attend a class with us in the Cotswolds. From resin art and painting to making bangles and casting resin gems, we can teach you the skills you need to work with epoxy resin.

Meet the Resin8 team!

Clare John (Founder) - CJ Resins (as it was then known) was founded by Clare John, a trained silversmith who has been making jewellery for over 40 years. Clare first used resin for jewellery making in the 1970s and has been teaching and demonstrating resin techniques since 2004. Soon to be a grandmother, Clare now spends her time delivering some of our on-site resin jewellery and 1:2:1 classes, alongside enjoying her well-earned retirement.

Kate (Director) - Kate has been associated with the jewellery trade her entire career and is even married to a professional designer jeweller. She joined the Resin8 team in 2011 as resident website developer, stock manager, book-keeper and marketer. Kate oversees the ever-expanding warehouse and online store, along with staff, social media, marketing, stock management, purchasing and customer enquiries. If there's a product you'd like to see us stock, get in touch with Kate!  

Ellie (Manager) - Ellie joined the team in November 2017 and is now in charge of the processing of orders. Ellie is loving her journey into the world of resin and is happily getting obsessed with products. She is currently fixated with Mirror Nuggets but knows that Emerald Lagoon Mica Powder with always have a place in her heart.

Amy - Amy joined us just before Black Friday 2018. If you buy something from us, Amy will probably have been involved in hand-picking and packing your order. Amy is our mica queen and is often seen with a tropical temptations or clementine pop nose. She also makes amazing cakes and biscuits cakes for the team. Amy is camera-shy (a bit like Kate) so won't often be seen on our social media feed.

Sarah - Chief labeller! Sarah takes lots of our mica powders and glitters home and stickers them up with batch numbers and labels. She loves making our mica selections up into bags (so she says) and works for us in the evenings when her tiddlywinks have gone to bed.

Little Lou - Lou looks after the re-potting of our opaque pigment, as well as having fun with Rejuven8 paste. Lou is a fan of true crime and on the days she is in the workshop we are all often found listening to gruesome murder stories.

Marnie - Studying for a degree in Psychology, Marnie pops in and out during her holidays and is in charge of re-potting glitter and making up kits. She loves a bit of sparkle and has a bit of a thing for Sahara Shimmer mica.

Fin - In his gap year following A-levels, Fin is our first male employee (ooohhh) and is pretty handy to have around. He bottles our popular resin, re-pots pigments and keeps us entertained with his Winchcombe tennis club adventures.

Teacher Lou - Founder of local business Willow Tree Art, Lou runs art classes in the Cotswolds. She has stepped into the amazing world of resin and now delivers many of our resin workshops. She is a dab hand at turning mica powder into watercolour paints and can often be found mulling late into the evening.