Resin8 was set up by Clare John, a trained silversmith who has been making jewellery for over 30 years. 

Clare first used resin for jewellery making in the 1970s and has tried and tested all sorts of different resins (epoxy, polyester, etc). She was delighted to find the resins we now use and sell. They cure with a hard shiny surface which avoids lots of time consuming work, cutting back and polishing.

Clare has been teaching and demonstrating resin techniques since 2004. She writes articles for various magazines, demonstrates at craft fairs, delivers classes at our workshop in Winchcombe and has just published her first book Resin Jewellery.  


Kate joined the Resin8 team in 2012 as resident website developer, stock manager, book-keeper and marketer. She enjoys experimenting with resin and is married to a designer jeweller.


Here some websites that we can't live without!

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