Welcome to #Resin8

Congratulations on finding us! You can now experience that ‘kid in a sweet shop’ feeling again and again when you buy from Resin8. With everything that you could possibly want for your #resin art and craft projects, you have now entered the wonderful world of #Resin8. We’re your award-winning go-to supplier of crystal clear epoxy resin, colour pigments, mica powders, silicone moulds, tools and accessories.

If you’ve ever stumbled your way, slightly confused, through other resin craft supplies websites, then you’ll wonder how you’ve ever done without us. We can confidently state that you can always find what you’re looking for, from bezels to resins and from sparkles to findings. And if for some reason you’re that one in a thousand who wants that totally quirky, way-out colour pigment, bezel or mica powder, then we’ll do our very best to help you achieve your dream…

Super reliable, super friendly and really ethically-minded, we’re a one-stop (online) shop with a difference. Yes, we’re based in the Cotswolds but we ship worldwide - Alaska, Ukraine, Guam, Malta, the list goes on…

We share, we surprise, we absolutely LOVE everything about resin. We’re part of a rapidly growing resin craft community (and yes, we're one of the originals, having been in business for well over 20 years and having a whopping combined 50 years experience in working with resin) so do follow us on Insta, Facebook and Youtube for daily updates on all things wonderfully resin-y - you’ll discover tips, tricks, help and support about anything you can think of to make with resin.

Whatever your level of skill - hesitant beginner, increasingly confident resin dabbler or full-on professional - you may also want a little support in your resin journey so why not attend a class with us in the Cotswolds? From resin art and dirty pours to making jewellery and casting resin gems, we can teach you the skills you need to work with epoxy resin.

It’s time to start getting excited about opening your next #Resin8 parcel…

Meet the Resin8 team!

Kate (Boss Lady) - Company Directory Kate is the brains behind our Resin8 brand. Kate is passionate about the quality of our products, the thought that goes into our processes and the excellence of our customer service. Leading from the front, Kate is hands on with our ever-growing and ever more exciting range of products, inspiring Resin8ers across the world. Outside work, Kate adores Oscar & Meadow (her cats), Paul (hubbie), the colour blue, cheese & gin!

Ellie (Head of Marketing) - Ellie joined the team in November 2017 and looks after our marketing. She is currently fixated with her new baby Jocelyn but knows that Emerald Lagoon Mica Powder with always have a place in her heart.

Giles (Head of Despatch) - When he's not managing the packing team, Giles is training race horses. Something he's done for the last 25 years! He initially joined Resin8 to help out Kate during lockdown, now we're worried he's never going to leave! He heads up the despatch team making sure your orders get to you safely.

Rob (Head of Production) - Secret metal-head Rob makes a cracking addition to our crazy team. He makes a mean cheesecake and moved all the way from Cornwall to be with us! He oversees production, gets a little bit involved in packing orders when we're busy and likes to dabble in mechanisation!

Alan (Head of Customer Wow) - Alan was the second man to join the team in January 2020. He oversees our customer communications, from Instagram messages to Facebook comments. Alan has a bit of a thing for cheese... which means he loves the leftover lunch from our popular workshops, and listening to 80s and 90s classics.

Amy (Production Guru) - Amy joined us just before Black Friday 2018. If you buy something from us, Amy will probably have been involved in hand-bottling or potting items in your order. Amy is our mica queen and is often seen with a tropical temptations nose. She also makes amazing biscuits cakes for the team. Amy is camera-shy (a bit like Kate) so won't often be seen on our social media feed.

Gemma (Marketing Guru) - Gemma works for Resin8 three days a week and looks after our Instagram and Pinterest channels. It's an understatement to say she is a keen crafter and is often to be found etching glass, making biscuits and cleaning up after her two uni-going boys.

Kim (Production Guru) - Ex model, make-up artist and race horse trainer Kim seems to have lived a million lives. She's travelled around the world 3 times and now travels around the fondly named Betty's - the "dry production" room - getting kits ready for customers, which she describes as 'like packing up Christmas presents'. 

Teacher Lou - Lou has recently stepped into the amazing world of resin and now delivers all of our resin workshops. Obsessed with aurora dust, Princess Lou is a dab hand at turning mica powder into watercolour paints and can often be found mulling late into the evening. 

Fin - Fin joined us in 2019. He was our first male employee (ooohhh) and is pretty handy to have around. He now works alongside Sheena picking orders, packing parcels, putting up shelves and keeping us entertained with his constant bulking and shredding seasons while preparing to join the RAF.

Sheena - Cake maker and shelf organiser extraordinnaire, Sheena joined us in 2019. She expertly looks after our warehouse making sure that everything is in the right place, in stock and looking tidy for when we have real live customers in the building! Sheena also picks most of your orders and likes to give a free gift or two!

Grace - Young Grace works in Betty's and is just a little obsessed with putting our silicone moulds into bags for you with lovely Resin8 stickers. Studying for her driving test, Grace is local and often walks to work!

Sarah (the Newshette) - Chief labeller and office person! Sarah takes lots of our mica powders and glitters home and stickers them up with batch numbers and labels. She loves making our mica selections up into bags (so she says) and works for us in the evenings when her tiddlywinks have gone to bed.

Gareth, Sarah (blue/pink/purple hair) and Jess are the latest additions to our Customer Wow and Production teams. 

A special mention goes to Marnie, Hannah, Jude & Jack who help us out when they're back from school or uni for a bit of extra pocket money, Nat, Kat and Little Lou who pop in and out making kits, potting pigment and keeping us all sane, and Rachel who is our marketing strategist. Paul & Andrew (aka the husbands) should also get a special mention for re-building the warehouse every few weeks, putting up yet another desk and being drafted in to pack orders at the weekend when we're super busy.

Clare John (Founder) - CJ Resins (as it was then known) was founded by Clare John, a trained silversmith who has been making jewellery for over 40 years. Clare first used resin for jewellery making in the 1970s and has been teaching and demonstrating resin techniques since 2004. Now a grandmother, Clare spends her time enjoying her well-earned retirement with her husband Rob