Alcohol Ink - Snowball

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white as snow!
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Introducing Resin8s first ever alcohol ink range! That's right... we've gone and created our very own, exclusive, Pastel Alcohol Inks.

Snowball is the ultimate white ink for all alcohol ink resin crafters. Heavy and dense in colour, it is perfectly designed to sink down other inks to help you create the most detailed resin petri art. 

Why stop there? You can even mix Snowball with other inks in our pastel range to create your own stunning shades. Consider dropping Snowball with pastel colours onto Yupo paper with a dash of alcohol ink extender to make mesmerising art pieces. Finish with a top coat of clear resin and voila – you have made a truly unique piece of art. You could even use this technique on a ceramic tile.

Resin8 alcohol inks are acid-free, densely-coloured, alcohol-based liquid dyes that are fast drying, suitable for use on multiple surfaces and ideal for resin artists. A one of a kind pastel ink range that is set to transform your alcohol ink game. 

Snowball is available in squeezy bottles in the following sizes:

  • 15ml
  • 30ml
  • 100ml

IMPORTANT: Alcohol ink is flammable - keep naked flames, lighters or gas torches AWAY from resin that has been coloured with alcohol ink. We know that a BBQ lighter may be your friend for removing bubbles, but it should NOT be used when working with alcohol inks. 

We are able to ship alcohol inks overseas but there is a surcharge of £55. 

Top tips for use:

  • Quantity - purely as guidance, we suggest the following addition ratio when using coat-it epoxy resin: 20ml resin mix = 1-2 drops of ink; 40ml resin mix = 2-4 drops of ink; 120ml resin mix = 4-6 drops of ink; 200ml of resin mix = 6-8 drops of ink.
  • Shake - each of our alcohol inks contains a ball bearing to help mix the pigment with the alcohol. Separation is normal.​​​​​, and these heavy pastels require more shaking than transparent alcohol inks.
  • Depth - for the best results in resin petri art use our coat-it resin at a depth of around 1cm.
  • Heat - alcohol inks do not like heat. If you need to use a heat tool to remove bubbles, allow the resin to settle for 10 minutes before dropping inks (this can vary depending on the temperature of your workspace).
  • Centre - work from the middle of your piece outwards to avoid pull-back. Add coloured inks and then blob Snowball onto each coloured drop. You may find that the inks shrink back a little after 10 minutes or so - this is normal, just add another drop of colour.
  • Less is more - one drop of Snowball is ample. Add too much and you will find clots of white on the surface of your piece when demoulded. Less is also more when it comes to the amount of alcohol ink used in general. Too much ink will adversely affect the properties of epoxy resin and could cause setting issues. If your resin is still flexible after 3-4 days DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE MOULD (as you will break the resin seal). Instead, mix more Part A and Part B of your resin and add a 2-3mm layer of clear resin to toughen up the piece.
  • Multi-use - used our alcohol inks on non-porous surfaces such as ceramics, glass and metals as well as fabric and yupo paper.
  • Ventilate - make sure you work in a well- ventilated space when using alcohol inks. They have a strong odour and may cause headaches and adverse health effects for some people. We strongly suggest wearing a respirator if you are at risk or have a respiratory condition.
  • Blend - if working with inks on paper, use a blending solution to encourage the pigments to move around on the surface, this will also lighten them. If you do not have a blending solution you could try using Isopropanol.
  • Seal - The pigments in alcohol inks are highly light-sensitive and are prone to fading - use a UV protection spray to seal alcohol ink artwork on yupo paper.

Click here to read the MSDS for Resin8 Alcohol Inks.

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  • Volume:
    15ml (0.05 fl. oz.)
  • Colour:
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months
  • Caution:
    Flammable - do not use a torch or naked flame