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Art Boards & Wooden Shapes

Revolutionise your resin artwork with our new professional Resin8 Art Boards. Representing the very latest in resin art surfaces, these artist's panels are made from top-quality aluminium composite and are non-warping, innovative, lightweight, elegant and professional. Take your resin artwork to the next level!

Gorgeously smooth, flat, level and purpose-built to show off beautiful resin paintings, the Resin8 Art Board is suitable for all forms of resin art and fluid pouring. Due to the non-porous surface, resin artwork can be created using a fraction of the resin required when using wood or canvas; while unlike traditional wood surfaces there is no risk of artwork peeling back from the base once cured.

You are invited to explore, experiment and create your best resin artwork yet! Use the Resin8 Art Boards to reach your artistic potential and give your resin paintings the stunning professional finish they truly deserve.
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