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Baby Oak Leaves

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crisp and delicate
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Even the slightest breeze will make these little Baby Oak Leaves blow around and off trees! These English oak leaves have shed naturally from oak branches and are perfect for preserving in epoxy resin art pieces and delicate jewellery.  

  • Scientific Name: quercus robur leaves
  • Each box contains around 5 leaves, some attached to a little stem (each measuring between 1.5 and 3cm long).
  • Completely natural and dried in Dry-It silica sand.
  • The image is an example of the quantity of leaves you will receive as part of our Native Collection.
  • All leaves are preserved and completely ready for using in resin. We recommend dipping them in liquid resin mix first to drench them (carefully) before then setting in our fill-it resin for ultimate clarity.
  • Treat these delicate beauties with care. They are unique, natural and beautiful and should be handled gently with tweezers.
  • Hand-picked from private woodland with all relevant permissions and consents. We provide you with our word that we do not collect from wild sources or protected land where permission has not been granted. For every item we forage we plant more in return, helping us to deliver a sustainable future.
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