Casting Mould for Jesmonite - 3 Bowls

Casting Mould for Jesmonite - 3 Bowls

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This Casting Mould for Jesmonite allows you to create stunning decorative bowls for your home, in three sizes. The mould comes as a 4-piece set which allows you to make 3 bowls. They are quite tricky to demould... be patient and tease the plastic without snapping it.

  • 1st Bowl - inner diameter: 18cm
  • 2nd Bowl - inner diameter: 15cm
  • 3rd Bowl - inner diameter: 13cm

For each bowl, start with the largest size, and coat with oil. Add your Jesmonite mix and then push the smaller bowl into the mixture, to push the edges up creating your bowl shape. Place a heavy item, such as a book, on top and leave to set for one to two hours. After this time, remove your set piece by holding it upside down (place a towel below) and gently ease it out. Now is the time to tidy up your piece - (you can very gently sand at this stage if required) then leave it to cure fully for 24 hours.

Keep these reusable moulds clean by gently wiping them once you have de-moulded your piece - baby wipes or warm soapy water and a soft cloth (non-abrasive). Ensure they are completely dry before storing them away until you use them again.

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