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Cell Crea8or - Lacing & Cells for Resin Art
Cell Crea8or - Lacing & Cells for Resin Art
Cell Crea8or - Lacing & Cells for Resin Art
Cell Crea8or - Lacing & Cells for Resin Art
Cell Crea8or - Lacing & Cells for Resin Art

Cell Crea8or - Lacing & Cells for Resin Art

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liquid magic for resin art
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Cell-Crea8or is an easy-to-use resin additive that will add amazing cell structure, blooming, movement and lace effects to resin artwork. Cell-crea8or is designed to be used with our coat-it epoxy art resin and will effortlessly add unique effects which can be enhanced and controlled with a heat tool. This magical non-toxic liquid will have you creating beautiful masterpieces in no time. Use it in a dirty pour for dramatic cells and in a free pour for more delicate lacing.

We are proud to confirm that our cell-crea8or is non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and completely safe to use. It is made to cosmetic-grade standards and is odourless, inert, UV stable, non-flammable and contains no VOCs, solvents or aggressive chemicals. Here are our top tips for using Resin8 cell-crea8or:

  • Use only 2 or 3 drops per 50ml/g of coloured resin - overuse will mean a greasy surface on your finished painting (which can be removed with a lint-free, dry cloth once the resin has cured)
  • If using 3 colours in artwork only add cell-crea8or to 1 colour - for example, if you are using one pink opaque pigment, one blue opaque pigment and a mica powder you only need to add cell-crea8or to one pot of these
  • Add cell-crea8or straight after adding colour to your pot of resin mix, before pouring. Don't wait for the resin to start to set, cell-crea8or will only work if used immediately 
  • You don't really need to add cell crea8or to any of our white-based opaque pigments (e.g. white, off white, ivory, french manicure, sky blue, peppermint ice). These colours will produce quite magical effects all by themselves!
  • Over-use of a heat gun will produce dimples in the surface of resin art - try to keep the heat tool a minimum of 10cm away from the surface of wet resin

Please click here to download the full MSDS for Resin8 cell-crea8or.

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