Chunky Rectangular Silicone Ring Mould

Chunky Rectangular Silicone Ring Mould

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A flat topped Chunky Rectangular Silicone Ring Mould for casting resin rings. Bubble free, semi-translucent (so you can see what you're casting) and flexible, this silicone mould is high quality and durable - you shouldn't need a release agent. Have fun embedding mini scenes, using the petri effect with alcohol inks and playing with mica powders to make galaxy rings.

This silicone ring mould comes in 5 sizes:
  • 17mm inner diameter (UK finger size N - although this will feel like a size L/M - see note below)
  • 18mm inner diameter (UK finger size P1/2 - although this will feel like a size O - see note below)
  • 19mm inner diameter (UK finger size R1/2 - although this will feel like a Q - see note below)
  • 20mm inner diameter (UK finger size U - although this will feel like a T - see note below)
  • 21mm inner diameter (UK finger size W - although this will feel like a size U - see note below)
NB. When choosing the size of a wide band ring, such as the one you can make from this mould, you need to pick a UK ring size 1.5 times what you usually would. 

These rings take approximately 10ml of resin to fill.

Our silicone moulds can be re-used time and again providing they are looked after well. Keep it in the bag it comes to you in, don't use a flame near the mould (use a heat gun instead) and be careful when de-moulding - try not to scratch the mould with long nails or bend it out of shape too much. 

If your casting comes out dull it could be that the mould has come to the end of its life (or that the mould doesn't have a shiny interior surface). You can keep using moulds that are past their best - it just takes a little more effort. Add a thin layer of resin to the casting or use polish and a cloth to bring up the shine.
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