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Clear Epoxy Resins

Are you new to resin and totally confused about which one to buy...? We know it's a little daunting but we will help you choose the right resin for the right application. Although there are some resins that you can use for most things there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to resin, no "miracle solution". You will need different resins for different things. Here's a quick guide, and you can check out our specification table here:

1 to 1 - artwork, coating, jewellery in bezels - closest to an all-purpose resin
SLOWCURE - casting (bangles, paperweights, sculptures), river tables
DOMING - convex finishing layer for jewellery
HEAT-RESISTANT - finishing layer for coasters, placemats, trays, etc
totalCAST - artwork, coating

It's important to read the health & safety information and the detailed technical data sheet - it is full of key information about mixing, which protective equipment is required, how to use the resin and curing times, as well as troubleshooting. However, if you have any queries and would like some help and guidance on which resin to buy please do ping us a message on Facebook or drop us an email.

Key information about Resin8's collection of clear epoxy resins:

BE SAFE - Always wear nitrile ​​​gloves when using our resins, and use a respirator and goggles if the Technical Data Sheet advises you to do so. Epoxy resins and hardeners are liquid chemicals - use them away from food preparation areas, children and pets.
BEAUTIFUL - Resin8's epoxy resins are beautifully glossy, UV stabilised, and will give an amazing finish if used as directed. 
COLOUR - Most epoxy resins are designed to be used clear but can also be coloured with tints and pigments. However, the addition of colour pigments (inks, powders and pastes) as well as other resin additives (silicone, lubricants, alcohol or solvents) will alter the chemical properties of the resin, may affect its non-toxicity and will alter the cure time.
NON-FLAMMABLE - However, DO NOT use a flame to remove bubbles if you have added alcohol or solvents to your resin, or if you are using resin in moulds. We advise using a heat gun instead.
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