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Coat-it All Purpose Resin

Resin8 coat-it epoxy resin is easy to use, easy to measure out, quick to set and clear as day! If you're looking for a clear epoxy resin for coating and making shallow castings look no further. Touch dry within 4-5 hours, coat-it is our most popular resin. It's non-toxic (when used as directed) and can be coloured with pigmentsmica powderglitter and alcohol ink. Coat-it art resin is certified as safe for incidental food contact (not as a cutting surface or anything that will be put directly in the mouth) and is used in geode and petri art, shallow jewellery castings, for coating artwork, pendant bezels and more!

Why choose coat-it epoxy resin?
  • NON-TOXIC - safe to use as directed at home, contains no solvents or VOCs
  • EASY - 1:1 mix ratio
  • CLEAR - optically transparent with non-yellowing properties (excellent UV resistance)
  • SHINY - high gloss, beautiful finish
  • KIND - cruelty-free, vegan friendly
  • FAST - as a coating resin, touch dry within 4-5 hours