SILICONE MOULD 10 Piece Multi Flat Pendant
This translucent flexible multi-mould allows you to make not 1 but 10 flat pendants for use in jewellery projects.This 10 piece mould has built in pegs to allow you to cast resin pendants without the need to drill! Simply attach a...
£6.25 £5.00
SILICONE MOULD 100mm Square Coaster
This flat Square Coaster Mould has a smooth interior and produces a beautiful coaster with a professional finish. Use our heat-resistant resin to make something that is not only functional, but great to give to friends and family as gifts or...
SILICONE MOULD 11 Piece Jewellery Connector Shapes
Build your handcrafted jewellery and assemble beautiful earrings and necklaces with our fun and playful Connector Shape Jewellery Mould. Mix and match with c-shapes, diamonds, rectangles, and ovals, circles, and teardrops, with no drill holes, your ready, set and go...
Sold Out
SILICONE MOULD 12 Piece Dynamic Earrings
Make some super stylish earrings with our 12 Piece Dynamic Earring Mould. Named after its big sister, the Deep & Dynamic Earring Mould (coming very soon!!!), it makes a small batch of pieces perfect for creating multishape earrings - they...
SILICONE MOULD 12 Piece Geometric & Twisted Square Beads
Our beautiful 12 Piece Geometric & Twisted Square Bead Mould make pretty beads perfect to string onto necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for a gorgeous geometric design.Contains 6 Twisted Square Beads and 6 Diamond Square Beads. Note: the Twisted Square beads will...
SILICONE MOULD 120x80mm Rectangle Coaster
This simple flat rectangular mould has a smooth interior and can be used to make a coaster or tile. Use our HEAT-RESIST™ resin to make glorious coasters to give to friends and family as gifts or sell at craft fairs. Dimensions: 120mm...
£5.63 £4.17
SILICONE MOULD 12cm Silicone Snowflake Decoration Squared Edge
Our 12cm Snowflake Decoration Mould is perfect to hang on your tree, in your window or around the house to get yourself in the xmas spirit! Make your own white Christmas with aurora dust and arctic white mica, and hang...
£6.63 £4.17
SILICONE MOULD 16 Piece 60's Mod Earrings
Strut your stuff with new jewellery made from our 16 Piece 60's Mod Earring Mould. Whether you go full Mondrian or just want a little something for Throwback Thursday, earrings created with this mould are going to stun! We love to fill...
SILICONE MOULD 16 Piece Dynamic Earrings
Talk about on-trend! We can't get enough of the 16 Piece Dynamic Earring Mould - used to make pieces to link together with findings and create dangly multishape earrings, this mould works best filled with bold pigments - time to make a statement!  Pieces vary from...
SILICONE MOULD 180x130mm Rectangle Tile
This large flat rectangular mould has a smooth interior and can be used to make a giant coaster or tile. Use our HEAT-RESIST™ resin to make glorious coasters to give to friends and family as gifts or sell at craft fairs.  Dimensions: 180mm x...
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SILICONE MOULD 190x150mm Rectangle Placemat
This large flat rectangular mould has a smooth interior and can be used to make a giant coaster or tile. Use our HEAT-RESIST™ resin to make glorious coasters to give to friends and family as gifts or sell at craft fairs. Dimensions: 190mm x...
Sold Out
SILICONE MOULD 24 Piece Jewellery Palette
A dangling design your ears are going to fall in love with! With 24 pieces in the palette you can mix and match your shapes and sizes for a really dynamic design. Why not make a matching pendant necklace to...
SILICONE MOULD 4 Piece Cute Cactus Earrings
Cute is almost an understatement when it comes to this '4 Piece Cute Cactus Earring Mould’. They look most adorable dangling from an ear and with our COAT-IT™ Resin there isn’t a more perfect cacti to be found anywhere else....
SILICONE MOULD 40mm Keyring Numbers
Make stupendously chunky keyrings with these fab 40mm Number Moulds - use a Dremel tool to drill a hole in the top of your new resin piece, thread in an eyelet and attach a keyring - it's super easy to...
£7.46 £5.63
SILICONE MOULD 69mm Rounded Bangle
Adorn your arms with beautiful bangles made from our Rounded Silicone Bangle Mould. This soft curved shape gives ample opportunity to unlock all your creative potential with freedom to experiment with loads of patterns, textures, colours, and glitters.We love to...
£7.46 £5.00
SILICONE MOULD 7 Piece Geometric Puzzle
This 7 Piece Geometric Jewellery Mould is full of statement shapes which are a must for creating some new jewellery essentials! Try experimenting with JESMONITE® like us - you'll need to add some screw eye pins or drill a hole with a Dremel...
£6.63 £4.58
SILICONE MOULD 7 Piece Mini Agate Collection
This 7 Piece Mini Agate Mould Collection is absolutely rocking! Consisting of all different shapes and sizes, they look true to their unique form. Use as a statement jewellery piece by drilling holes in these pieces for a chain or...
£16.63 £13.29
SILICONE MOULD 79mm Round Coaster
A staple Mould. This flat round mould has a smooth interior and is used to make a coaster. Use our HEAT-RESIST™ Resin to make glorious coasters to give to friends and family as gifts or sell at craft fairs. Dimensions: 79mm diameter...
SILICONE MOULD 8 Piece Outline Hoop Earring
We’re in love with the shape of… hoops! Mix up your style and step up your hoop game with the fabulous and fun shapes in our 8 Piece Outline Shapes Earring Hoop Mould. Complete with stars, clovers, rectangles and c-shape deigns,...
£7.46 £4.58
SILICONE MOULD Agate Geode Quarters Coaster
This flat Circular Cut Out Agate Geode Quarters Coaster Mould has a smooth, shiny interior and can be used to make four coasters, which fit together to make a large circular placemat. Use our HEAT-RESIST™ resin (which can withstand temperatures...
SILICONE MOULD Beauty Tray Organiser
Keep your desk neat and tidy and your make up station clean and with our super stylish and very useful Beauty Tray Organiser Mould. With separate compartments, you can easily divide up your most precious possessions and stop your jewellery...
SILICONE MOULD Blazing Sun Mirror
Admire how good you look in your new resin earrings with a Blazing Sun Mirror! Coming with 2 mirror inserts, you can make one for your bathroom and one for a friend (or 2 for yourself, make them match!). Use...
SILICONE MOULD Bubble Edge Display Dome
Display a favourite keepsake in this Bubble-Edged Display Dome. Use clear fill-it resin to create the dome, and your personal pick of colour for the bubbly base. You could add a little dinky metallic flake to the dome too for...
£14.58 £7.50
SILICONE MOULD Bubble Edge Trinket Dish
This playful Bubble Edge Trinket Dish Silicone Mould creates a handy holder for the little bits and bobs scattered across your tabletops! Fill this intricate mould with bright neons and a dash of aurora glitter for a bit of sparkle, or use some...
£6.63 £4.17

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