DREMEL® Lite Cordless Multi-Tool
Introducing the DREMEL® Lite Rotary Drill Kit - absolutely brilliant for beginners and easy to use. This cordless multi-tool allows you to do things like cleaning, sanding and engraving and with it's wireless rotary features it's the perfect tool for resin-makers and DIY enthusiasts. This is the...
DREMEL® Stylo+ Craft Tool
We are proud to be able to offer you the award-winning DREMEL® STYLO+. Level up your resin skills with this game-changing time-saving craft tool! Use the Stylo+ to drill holes in resin, sand resin through various grits of emery paper, buff resin...
DREMEL® 20 Piece Woodworking Set
This speciality DREMEL® 20 Piece Woodworking Set is curated to provide you with the precision tools you'll need for woodworking. Woodworking we hear you say..., well OK. We realise it's called a Woodworking Set but it is JUST PERFECT FOR...
DREMEL® Precision 7 Piece Drill Bit Set
Get the DREMEL® Precision Drill Bit Set to sort all your resin drilling needs.This little set of 7 drill bits is perfect for making sure you have all the sizes you need for making easy holes in resin castings. Use the...
DREMEL® Keyless Quick Change Multi Chuck Tool
The DREMEL® Multi Chuck Tool is a time-saving device that fits the DREMEL® Lite and DREMEL® Stylo+ allowing you to switch accessories (drill bits, sanding pads, etc) without using collets. Featuring the EZ SpeedClic system to change your accessories quickly, easy...
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