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You need help with your resin creation. We are resin experts. Sounds like a good match. 

Complete our simple form (as it prevents your message ending up on a forgotten post-it note in our workshop) and let's get together. Passionate as we are about our business and providing the very best customer service we can, we are also passionate about our mental health and wellbeing and having a break from work. We simply aren't available 24/7. You can ping us a message on social media and we'll respond asap (Facebook/Instagram are your best bets), or if you would prefer to chat to Clare or Kate please do give us a call 01242 603624 and leave a message. On our next visit to the workshop we promise to call you back!
Don't forget to look at our handy FAQs page for more information. If you don't like reading, we also have video tutorials and step by step pictorial projects that you can follow.