Cosmetic Grade Colourshift Iridescent Aurora Dazzle

Cosmetic Grade Colourshift Iridescent Aurora Dazzle

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fine iridescent glorious sparkle
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Delicate but powerfully dazzling, our Colourshift Aurora Dazzle is a cosmetic grade fine glitter with a sparkling rainbow iridescence. Add this to your projects for some show-stopping chameleon colour sparkle. Choice of sizes (The Mini 5g, The Midi 50g or The Mighty 100g) in re-usable tubs.

We use our super sparkly Aurora Dazzle in epoxy resin and Jesmonite, but as it's cosmetic grade (and high quality) you can also use it in cosmetics (such as pressed eyeshadow, body shimmer, lipstick, etc), as a surface decoration on soap, in cold-pressed soap and melt-and-pour soap, lotions, bath bombs and shower gels. Our holographic glitter is also perfect for use in mixed media arts and crafts, resin art, resin jewellery and more! 

Top tip for resin artists: Use Aurora Dazzle in clear resin as a topcoat for some northern lights style sparkle.

Key features:
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Sized 1/128" / 0.2mm / 0.008 Hex / 200 microns
  • Iridescent
  • Vegan-friendly | Cruelty-free 
  • Choice of sizes (The Mini 5g, The Midi 50g or The Mighty 100g) in re-usable tubs
Please be careful not to get it down the drain (although you wouldn't want to waste it - it's so sparkly). 

NB. This glitter is SO iridescent it's difficult to capture the true brilliance in a photo. The colours are as close a representation as we can get on camera - please expect a variation in colour when you buy the actual product (for the better, they are truly amazing).

Cosmetic Ingredients (Aurora Dazzle): 
  • PET (CAS: 25038-59-9)
  • Epoxy Resin (CAS: 67924-34-9)
  • E133 (CI: 42090 CAS: 3844-45-9)
  • Aluminium (CI: 77000 CAS:7429-90-5)
  • Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAS: 9004-36-8)
You can download a full MSDS and TDS for every colour here. Cosmetic "Certificates of Analysis" (COA) are available on request, however these are produced per batch of glitter so we will need to know the date that you ordered.
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  • Weight/Volume:
    approx 5g
  • Shelf Life:
    12 Months