Eco-Glitter Mix - Andromeda

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cosmic sparkle
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Earth-friendly, and super sparkly, our Eco-Glitter Mix Andromeda is made from sheets of mineral mica. This amazing mix of metallic and blue glitters has oodles of sparkle due to its tiny particle size, and we think you'll absolutely love it. 

This beautiful mix of blue, grey, gold and silver hued glitters is perfect for replacing conventional glitter in any crafts, and is cosmetic grade for face and body use. 

Perfect for resin art and crafts, sprinkle this powdery glitter onto resin or mix it through for out and out SPARKLE. Our Eco-Glitter range has a 2 in 1 metallic and glitter effect and is great for work that requires a high coverage glitter effect. It is EU approved for cosmetic use and you can even mix the different colours together to create your own shades.
  • Particle size between 0.07-0.2mm (0.002-0.008") and 0.08-0.4mm (0.003-0.01")
  • Recyclable aluminium tin containing approx 5g of eco-glitter
  • Just as sparkly as plastic glitter
  • Vegan-friendly | Cruelty-free | Allergen-free
  • Our eco-friendly glitter is fine and soft - it gets EVERYWHERE (don't sneeze with an open pot around)
  • Cruelty-free | Earth Friendly
  • Solvent-free | Colour stable | Non-flammable

Made from eco-friendly ingredients, our mineral based eco glitter has a small micron size (giving high coverage and dispersion, and the all-important sparkle) and you only need a small amount to create dazzling effects. Hugely versatile, you can use our eco-glitter in resin, art, soap-making, nail polish, card-making, body butter/wax, oil, face products, car paint and, of course, as an ingredient in cosmetics such as eyeshadow and lip products*. Decorate the surface of candles and polymer clay and even mix it into your oil and acrylic paints. For resin artists, try mixing our eco glitter with opaque colours to add lashings of extra sparkle.

Top Tip: Use a small paintbrush to brush our space dust into your mould before adding resin concentrating on areas you want to really enhance a dark, cosmic, out of this world shimmer.

*We advise that you use caution when using any glitters near your eyes. Any glitters containing chromium oxide are not suitable for use on the lips.

These super sparkly glitter mixes are unique to Resin8 and made up from our cosmetic grade range of eco-glitter, the ingredients of which can be found on our Health & Safety page. You can download a full MSDS and TDS for every colour here. Cosmetic "Certificates of Analysis" (COA) are available on request, however these are produced per batch of mica powder so we will need to know the date that you ordered.

  • Product Code:
  • Size:
    Between 0.07-0.2mm (0.002-0.008") and 0.08-0.4mm (0.003-0.01")
  • Weight/Volume:
    Approx 5g
  • Shelf Life:
    12 Months