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Essential Resin Art Toolkit

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Our Essential Resin Art Toolkit is a must-have for both aspiring resin artists and experienced fanatics. With all the tools you need, think of this kit as your right-hand man (or woman) for your next resin art adventure! This bundle of tools is PERFECT IF YOU ARE ATTENDING OUR ONLINE ART CLASS!

Packed in a planet friendly grass paper bag, the contents of this essential bundle are:

  • 100 x Small Lollipop Mixing Sticks - ideal for when you have lots of colours to use
  • 50 x Jumbo Lollipop Mixing Sticks - perfect for stirring amounts of around 100ml
  • Professional Masking Tape - the BEST tape for your artwork edges
  • 25 x 60ml Graduated Mixing Cups - great for mixing colours
  • 2 x 250 or 300ml Silicone Graduated Measuring Beakers - everyday silicone beakers for measuring liquids
  • 1 x 1 litre Plastic Graduated Measuring Beaker - for when 300ml is just not enough!
  • Heavy Duty Resin Stirrer - ideal for the jug!
  • Heavy Duty Resin Spreader - use for the swipe technique or for laying down base colour
  • Polythene Dust Sheet - don't forget to protect your worksurface using this re-useable sheet.
  • Craft Heat Tool with 3 pin 230v UK plug (nb. we do not sell adaptors for use overseas)

Did you know: Our wooden mixing sticks, plastic stirrer and spreader, jug and beakers are all RE-USEABLE. We find the best way to clean jugs and cups is to pop them upside down (on a protected surface) to drain, and then wipe with a piece of kitchen towel or a bio wet wipe. Sticks can be cleaned in the same way.

Please familiarise yourself with our health & safety information here. Should you need a little more guidance, our FAQs provide lots of helpful information, as do our YouTube videos. You may also like to join our friendly facebook group for help from our super customers.

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