Faceted Edge Heart Coaster Mould

Faceted Edge Heart Coaster Mould

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Give your coasters a lift with a scandi-style geometric faceted edge! These Faceted Edge Heart Coaster Moulds allow to you to make a cup mat or bedside dish for holding jewellery. With a shiny interior, this high quality silicone mould can be used with any of our resins. If you want to use this mould to make a coaster we recommend our heat-resistant resin.

  • Measurements: 13 x 10cm, 1.3cm depth
  • Takes approximately 100ml of resin to fill. 

If you're using these moulds to make coasters, we recommend that you add a 3mm thick clear layer of Heat-Resistant resin first in your mould. Let it set and then add more resin with colour, ink, glitter, flowers etc. Once turned out, what was the bottom will be the top and heat-resistant up to 90oC! Remember that our Heat-Resistant resin needs between 14-21 days to achieve full cure, so don't place a hot cup on it too early.

If using to make a Jesmonite coaster, remember to seal the coaster before use with our Protect-It sealant to make it less porous.

Our silicone moulds can be re-used time and again providing they are looked after well. Keep it in the bag it comes to you in, don't use a flame near the mould (use a craft heat gun instead) and be careful when de-moulding - try not to scratch the mould with long nails or bend it out of shape too much. 

If your casting comes out dull it could be that the mould has come to the end of its life (or that the mould doesn't have a shiny interior surface). You can keep using moulds that are past their best - it just takes a little more effort. Add a thin layer of resin to the casting or use polish and a cloth to bring up the shine.
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    130mm x 100mm x 13mm depth
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