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Fill-It Casting Resin

Resin8 fill-it epoxy resin is a remarkable crystal clear casting resin for use in jewellery, sculpture and homewares. Produced by Resin8, this epoxy resin is hard curing, water-clear and specifically designed for casting, making it perfect for botanical jewellery, paperweights, river tables and more! Self-levelling with low viscosity and a glass clear finish, this resin is perfect for your creative project. Cast into silicone moulds with Resin8 fill-it epoxy resin and use for laminating, sealing artwork, embedding electronic components and filling gaps in wood. 

Why choose Resin8 fill-it epoxy resin?
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR - Totally clear resin, UV stabilised with excellent visual properties
  • SAFE - Solvent free, non-flammable
  • DEEP CAST - Mix and pour up to 12 litres in one go to a depth of 50mm
  • LONG POT LIFE - Un-accelerated for bubble removal
  • BEAUTIFUL - the perfect resin for embedding botanicals