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Fill-it Epoxy Casting Resin - 300ml
Fill-it Epoxy Casting Resin - 300ml
Fill-it Epoxy Casting Resin - 300ml
Fill-it Epoxy Casting Resin - 300ml
Fill-it Epoxy Casting Resin - 300ml

Fill-it Epoxy Casting Resin - 300ml

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Slow curing, non-toxic, cruelty-free & vegan-friendly
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Fill-it is our best-selling deep casting epoxy resin. It has no solvents, is cruelty-freevegan-friendly, and is safe for home use (when used as directed). Designed for pouring into deep silicone moulds, this beautiful and UV stable casting resin can also be used for making river tables, crystal clear jewellery, homewares, wood turning, paperweights, filling knots in wood and model making.


🌱SAFE - safe to use at home, low odour, no solvents 
😊HARD-WEARING - our toughest resin
💎CLEAR - optically transparent with a glass-like quality
⏱️SLOW - unaccelerated for excellent bubble release, 4 hour pot life
💧THIN - low viscosity, gets into decorative moulds
✨SHINY - high gloss, beautiful finish
💜KIND - cruelty-free, vegan-friendly
💐FLORAL - the perfect resin for embedding botanicals

It is your responsibility to ensure you have read the health & safety information, measuring and mixing instructions below. For specific technical information about mix ratio, pot life etc, please expand the 'Specifications' box at the bottom of the listing. 

Measuring & Mixing
You MUST follow the instructions accurately. Do NOT change the mixing ratio - this will alter the properties of the resin and may cause it to remain tacky.

  • Fill-it epoxy resin is thin and runny - to aid bubble release we suggest you warm the part A (resin) bottle before use by popping it on a radiator or standing the bottle in some warm water for 5 minutes. The part B (hardener) bottle should not be warmed.
  • Use 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by volume (2:1) to ensure a hard finish once set. We advise you measure in millilitres.
  • Use separate, clean volumetric mixing cups for each part and a larger clean cup to pour both parts into for mixing. 
  • Stir Part A and Part B together thoroughly for t least 3 minutes - this is a long time... set a timer on your phone.
  • You will notice milkiness when stirring. This is normal and will disappear when the resin is thoroughly mixed.
  • Once mixed, fill-it epoxy resin remains at its most liquid for around 4 hours, depending on the temperature of your workspace.
  • The maximum depth that fill-it can be safely poured to is 50mm (5cm) in one layer.

Fill-it resin produces less heat when curing than other resins, although we advise you to only mix the amount needed for use within the liquid timeframe of the product. If you are measuring by volume, we suggest you mix no less than 20ml and no more than 12l at a time. For deep castings we recommend using an electric fan to cool the resin as it cures.

This resin can be used clear or coloured with our extensive range of colour pigments & powders. Try embedding objects such as dried flowers & leaves, layering the resin in moulds or simply producing crystal clear jewellery. Please note that adding anything to epoxy resin will change its properties and may reduce its non-toxicity. 

You can apply fill-it epoxy resin by pouring, using lollipop sticks or pipettes. The room temperature should be between 18 to 25ºC and humidity level below 70% (i.e. do not use in a room with drying laundry, pots and pans boiling or kettles on the go).

Make sure your resin piece is level. Pop any bubbles by hand using a cocktail stick, or use a heat gun or naked flame for a couple of seconds to aid bubble release. Due to the lack of added chemicals to speed up the curing process, fill-it epoxy resin creates less heat (exotherm) than resins used for coating and avoids shrinkage during the setting process. 

If cured at a minimum of 18ºC this resin should be touch dry within 3-4 days and fully cured after 21 days. We advise you to cure your resin pieces in a dust free environment, and keep in the dark for as long as possible. This resin is not suitable for making coasters, trivets or placemats - it will only withstand temperatures of around 45-50ºC.

Health & Safety
Resin8 fill-it epoxy resin is a modern formulation of the safest epoxy chemicals available. However, all epoxy resins are chemicals and they do come with Health & Safety implications. It is your responsibility to read the below thoroughly.

  • You MUST wear nitrile gloves (or use a specialist resin barrier cream on your hands)
  • You MUST wear a respirator when sanding partially-cured resin
  • Ensure you work with this resin in a well ventilated room
  • We advise you to wear safety goggles
  • Avoid skin contact
  • We advise against eating, drinking or smoking while working
  • In case of eye contamination wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes and consult medical advice immediately

We advise you read the Fill-it TDS & MSDS before you start working with this resin

More information on health & safety while working with epoxy resins can be read on our Health & Safety page.

  • Product Code:
  • Weight/Volume:
    200ml resin, 100ml hardener
  • Mix Ratio:
    2 to 1 by volume (100 to 42 by weight)
  • Pot Life:
    2-4 hours (less than 100ml); 10 hours (500ml)
  • Cure Time:
    demould in 3-4 days (depending on volume)
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months unopened
  • Pour Depth:
    up to 50mm in one layer