Glass Texture - Blowing Bubbles

Glass Texture - Blowing Bubbles

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Create geodes, 3d artwork and jewellery
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Recycled translucent light blue glass crystal chippings ranging in size from 2mm - 8mm.

Pop! Sweet candy blue and sparklingly translucent glass crystal. Think of chewing blue-raspberry bubblegum whilst lounging on a desert island shore under a dazzlingly clear summer sky. These beautiful aquamarine blue pieces are made from 100% recycled glass and have a translucent sparkle when used with epoxy resin. Due to the smaller size of the individual chips, this product can be used to create texture when used in resin paintings, geodes, woodwork, jewellery, art and craft. Alternatively, they can be placed individually as coloured crystal focal points. Mix with Resin8 Sculpt & Cast (Jesmonite) to create striking, on-trend terrazo homewares.

This is GLASS so please take care when handling - be aware that some pieces have sharp edges and some pieces are very small and could splinter. This recycled glass has been crushed and is ready for adding to resin. Please note that due to this being a recycled product, there may be some specks and fragments of different coloured glass in the bottom of the bag. To reduce waste this product will be packaged in a sealed bag. 

Small - approx 100g
Medium - approx 250g
Large - approx 500g
Size of chippings - 2-8mm mix

This product is packaged in a ziplock bag. We are in the process of replacing all of our polythene ziplock bags with biodegradable bags. Our standard ziplock bags can be recycled with your plastic carrier bags.
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