We have produced handy, printable instructions for you to follow when working with our various brands of resin, along with Health & Safety documents that should be read before commencing use. Simply click on the images below to access instructions, health & safety technical datasheets and MSDS for RESIN8 resin products, ELI-CHEM resin products, CHEMSET resin products and JESMONITE resin products.

If you prefer pictures to text you might like to watch videos available here on our website or on our YouTube channel.

A selection of top tips from us to help you when using our resins:
  • Our resins don't stick to acrylic blocks or thick plastic sheet such as poly bags
  • Use a barrier (skin protection) cream or nitrile gloves when using our resins
  • Use cheap hairspray to seal photos and paper and leave to dry thoroughly before embedding in resin. Use PVA glue or Mod Podge on text from books and seal both sides of the paper. Leave to dry thoroughly
  • You can polish enamelled items with T-cut. Put some on a cotton cloth and rub the enamelled surface in a circular motion
  • Do any soldering before adding resin - it can't withstand torch heat
  • Put a drop of resin onto a piece of masking tape next to your finished item so you can test it to see if it is cured - it saves touching your item and leaving a mark!