RESIN8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin is a crystal clear epoxy casting resin for use in jewellery, sculpture and art. This casting resin is primarily for use in moulds and cold enamelling. It can be coloured with opaque and transparent pigments, and have many things added including mica powder, glitter and alcohol ink. 
Download instructions for working with Slowcure Epoxy Resin here

Resin8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin is a non-toxic, all purpose 2 part resin for jewellery and craft. With a super easy 1 to 1 ratio by volume, this certified non-toxic resin can even be sent in the post! Primarily for doming and embedding, our brand new Resin8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin contains no solvents or VOCs. 
Download instructions for working with 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin here.

Resin8 Gel Epoxy Resin is the perfect resin to put onto a curved surface such as a ring or bangle. It forms a thick coating that sticks to the surface and does not run off the edge or sides. Gel resin is thixotropic resin by nature - i.e. it is a viscous substance that will flow (become thin, less viscous) over time when shaken or stirred. 

Resin8 Standard Epoxy Resin is for cold enamelling, doming and casting. It is ideal for adding a lovely high dome layer to finish off flat pieces because of its viscous nature and can also be used for casting small pieces. Standard Resin must be used with the matching Standard Hardener.

Resin8 Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin is a good all purpose resin for cold enamelling. It is thinner than Standard Resin which makes it easier to use when embedding objects, casting large pieces and filling jewellery mounts. Low Viscosity Resin must be used with the matching Low Viscosity Hardener. 
Download instructions for working with Resin8 Gel, Standard and Low Viscosity Resin here.

JESMONITE is a non-toxic, water-based resin system that is made up of 2 parts – a mineral resin powder and an acrylic liquid. It is not the same as traditional epoxy resin because it is an opaque material that does not have a shiny surface unless it is polished, varnished or waxed. However, it is very user friendly because of its non-toxicity - it is solvent free and contains no VOCs. JESMONITE creates surface textures beautifully when cast into moulds and jewellery mounts. It can be fragile but is reinforceable with special fibres. Pigments can be added to it to give a range of dense opaque colours and it can be used for internal sculptures and in some jewellery applications. 
Download instrucitons for working with Jesmonite here

totalCAST Clear Artwork Resin is a revolutionary hybrid polymer that produces an optically clear, high gloss finish. This brand new formulation represents cutting edge polymeric technology and was developed to offer unrivalled user-friendliness and a crystal clear result everytime.  

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