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JESMONITE AC300 - 280g
JESMONITE AC300 - 280g
JESMONITE AC300 - 280g
JESMONITE AC300 - 280g
JESMONITE AC300 - 280g

JESMONITE AC300 - 280g

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SAFE - non-toxic, water-based
ECO - planet-friendly resin
FAST - touch dry within 20-30 minutes
HEAT-RESISTANT - use for candle holders
KIND - cruelty-free, vegan-friendly
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JESMONITE® AC300 is a super-cool, eco-friendly casting material loved by craftspeople around the world from jewellery makers to builders, sculptors to interior designers. Non-toxic, easy to use and just soooooo insanely beautiful…we’re totes obsessed.

Made from an acrylic (water-based) resin mixed with a modified gypsum powder, this off-white building material is truly unbeatable and we are ridiculously proud to be THE ONLY Official JESMONITE® Retailer. Buying JESMONITE from Resin8 guarantees you the real Jesmo deal.

The ultimate chameleon material… use JESMONITE for casting, intricate detailing in jewellery, homewares & sculptures. Suitable for use by children aged 10+, it’s smooth, tactile, heat resistant and touch dry in 30 minutes! Now what could be better than that?!

We know what…! Through buying JESMONITE you are making a planet-conscious crafting choice. Yes, it’s eco-friendly in its own right, but we add so much more to that by selling in fully compostable, biodegradable or easily recyclable containers, being a carbon neutral company and doing our utmost to reduce our impact on the environment. Super-green, super-cool.

JESMONITE AC300 is perfect for beginners! It has a longer working time than AC100 and is the ideal material to start with when you're just beginning your JESMONITE journey! 


It is your responsibility to ensure you have read all of the health & safety information we provide. Take a look at our Health & Safety page for more general info on working with our products

  • Contents: 200g BASE and 80g LIQUID - in recyclable containers
  • Mix Ratio: 2.5 parts BASE : 1 part LIQUID (e.g. 10g powder = 4g liquid | 100g powder = 40g liquid)
  • Stir thoroughly for 2 minutes
  • Working time: 20 minutes (can be doubled using a drop or two of slow-it retarder)
  • Can be thickened using thicken-it thixotrope (for use on curved surfaces)

Top Tips

  • When mixing we like to measure our JESMONITE liquid first and sprinkle on the base powder whilst stirring constantly. This means less air bubbles and less chance of any mottled effects.
  • To reduce large bubbles spoiling the surface of your creation, use a clean paintbrush to cover the inside of your mould with mixed JESMONITE before the main pour. Once dry, fill the rest of the mould.
  • JESMONITE has its own range of colour pigments (how cool is that) although you can also use our neon powders and acrylic inks to give a range of dense opaque colours - remember though that as JESMONITE is off-white, any colour mixed in will lighten (therefore meaning you will need more colour!). 
  • DON'T FORGET - adding our opaque, transparent, metallic or neon resin pigments (which have not been specifically designed for JESMONITE) will make the colour appear much lighter and could affect the cure of the piece. Now we don't want that do we?!
  • Can be displayed externally when used with a suitable sealer.
  • JESMONITE has not been tested for food safety - by all means use JESMONITE for decorative tableware, but please make sure you use an approved food-safe sealant.

Download the TDS & MSDS for JESMONITE AC300 here.

  • Product Code:
  • Weight/Volume:
    200g Base, 80g Liquid
  • Mix Ratio:
    2.5 parts Base & 1 part Liquid
  • Pot Life:
    20 minutes
  • Cure Time:
    12-24 hours
  • SKU:
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months in sealed containers