Jesmonite Sculpt & Cast - 1.4kg

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1kg powder / 400g liquid

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Resin8's Jesmonite Sculpt & Cast is a unique, non-toxic acrylic resin & mineral system for casting, otherwise known as Jesmonite AC300. Popular in interior design, this versatile texture medium can be dyed, cast, polished and combined with other materials to create tactile and beautiful jewellery, sculpture and objets d'art

  • 1kg BASE and 400g LIQUID - soon to be in a handy plastic mixing bucket
  • Mix Ratio: 2.5 parts BASE : 1 part LIQUID (e.g. 100g powder = 40g liquid, 200g powder = 80g liquid)
  • Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes
  • Pot life: 20 minutes (can be doubled using Retarder)

Made up of 2 parts,a mineral resin powder and an acrylic liquid (AC300), Jesmonite Sculpt & Cast is totally user friendly because of its non-toxicity - it is solvent free and contains no VOCs. You can use this eco-resin to create beautiful jewellery in moulds or in ready made jewellery mounts, as well as making coasters and homewares (which can be sealed with Protect-It).

Jesmonite Sculpt & Cast comes with its own range of colour pigments although you can also use acrylic inks to give a range of dense opaque colours - remember though that as Jesmonite is off-white, any colour mixed in will lighten (therefore meaning you will need more colour!). 

Jesmonite Sculpt & Cast has a working time (pot life) of 20 minutes, which can be doubled by using our Retarder. 

Download the TDS & MSDS for Jesmonite here.

  • Product Code:
  • Weight/Volume:
    1kg Base, 400g Liquid
  • Mix Ratio:
    2.5 parts Base to 1 part Liquid
  • Pot Life:
    20 minutes
  • Cure Time:
    12-24 hours
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months in sealed containers