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Jewellery Doming Epoxy Resin

Resin8 Doming Epoxy Resin is an easy to use, thick resin designed for creating a high domed finish. This two part epoxy resin is measured by WEIGHT and works amazingly as an all-round resin in pendant bezels and castings. It can be coloured with most of the pigments on our site and can have many things added including mica powder, glitter and acrylic ink.

Our jewellery doming resin stays clear for a long time and takes colour very well. With minimal bubbling and excellent water resistance, this resin is perfect for jewellery-makers and will soon become one of your favourites!

Why choose Doming Epoxy Resin?
  • EASY - 2:1 mix ratio by weight
  • CLEAR - optically transparent with non-yellowing properties (excellent UV resistance)
  • VISCOUS - high build
  • SHINY - high gloss, beautiful finish
  • COOL - designed to work at room temperature
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