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Land of the Rising Sun Sensu Fan Mould: Mia Winston-Hart Collaboration

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From the ethereal beauty of cherry blossom to breathtakingly elegant cranes symbolising good fortune, Mia Winston-Hart’s Land of the Rising Sun moulds encapsulate this vibrant country’s ancient imagery. Combine with Firelight and Pure Silver mica powder from our specially-curated pigment collection for truly dramatic creations. Will you design ornate earrings or showstopping pendants?

About the exclusive Mia Winston-Hart collection

Here it is. The collection of our dreams. We are beyond excited to unveil our limited edition, handmade and drop. dead. gorgeous. silicone moulds created exclusively by top designer Mia Winston-Hart for Resin8. Made entirely from Resin8 products and coloured with our dazzling, ethically-sourced mica powder. It just doesn’t get better than this.

We asked Mia to create moulds that would take us on a journey of inspiration and didn’t she do just that. Incorporating stunning imagery from around the world, these moulds provide the base for endlessly unique jewellery possibilities.

Four concepts from four themes overflowing with inspiration. Mia looked to the graceful elegance of Japan, the geometric patterns of Morocco, the playful dancing shapes of the French artist Matisse and upwards to the ethereal symbolism of the sky with the Celestial collection. How does each destination speak to your imagination?

The silicone used in this mould (mould-it: clear) has a shore hardness of 33A - it will make a medium soft mould that will last a long time. *Expect your mould to last for around 2-6 years, depending on the intricacy of the detail, how you look after your mould and how carefully you demould. These moulds are also suitable for use with polymer clay! They can easily withstand 130 degrees C, the most common temperature for baking polymer clay.

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