Mallee Burr Mini Slices - Set of 7

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between 2.5-6.2cm
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Ever fancied making wood and resin jewellery? Well now is your chance! Our Resin8 Mallee Burr Mini Slices are just the ticket for making dreamy pendants, rings, earrings, hanging decorations and even coasters. 

This listing is for a set of 7 mini burr slices. Our friendly joiner/carpenter/woodsman Kevin has expertly sliced and diced these burrs down to a size suitable for making jewellery. They are all around 8mm deep and 26mm wide; the largest rectangle is around 62mm long and the smallest is around 28mm. If you find them too big, or you wish to go for a funky shape, you can cut them using a coping saw (a small, thin saw made for wood - a bit like a jewellers saw) or a small tennon saw.

What's a burr? A burr (or burl if you're from across the pond) is a tree growth which has caused the wood to grow in a deformed way. Usually this is from an injury to the tree or a virus, fungus or disease. This means that the wood is full of small knots and therefore looks very attractive when worked, and their waney edge retained. Burrs are often highly prized and are sought after for use in furniture, sculpture, art and jewellery. 

Our burrs are harvested from Australian Mallee (eucalyptus). The wood is richly coloured (compared to the non burred wood) and comes up a treat when polished. They are robust, stable and hard and can be polished with danish oil, a polyurethane spray or even a thin layer of resin.

For a rough guide to making a resin and mallee burr casting click here.
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