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Metallic Flake - Dinky Spring Mix

Metallic Flake - Dinky Spring Mix

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spring tones
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They say good things come in small packages and the Dinky Metallic Flake is no exception! Our metal leaf comes in the same amazing colours as our regular flakes, but is smaller in size. Much more delicate but still just as luxurious in effect.

Could it get any better? Of course it could! Our metal leaf comes in a recyclable aluminium tin, has dinky flake sizes, and complements our mica powders and pigments beautifully. Made for surface gilding, these flakes are very flyaway and the contents may settle in the pot on their way to you. Just shake the tub slightly before you open it to awake the flakes from their slumber.

Impossible to weigh (it's light as a feather) - the amount you will receive is what fits in either a 35mm tin or a 42mm tin.

These Dinky Metallic Flakes come in five gorgeous shades; Dinky Gold, Dinky Silver, Dinky Copper, Dinky Autumn Mix and Dinky Spring Mix.

Top Tip: Use tweezers to get the flakes out of the tin (making sure you don't sneeze...) and make sure you are working over a piece of paper that can collect any stray flakes - you won't want to waste any as they're soooooo shiny!

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