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Metallic Pigment

Shimmering, lustrous pigment pastes that can be added to clear resin to create stunning effects. Our polychromatic metallic colour additives are perfect for use in Resin8 branded resins but work equally well in other epoxy resins, polyester, polyurethane and crystal resins, gelcoats, paints and varnishes. These pigments offer excellent resistance to fading, have a long shelf life, do not contain lead and are solvent-free!

Resin8 Metallic Pigments come in a plastic tub and the recommended amount is 2%-5% by volume (2-5 parts per 100). Even a minuscule quantity of these pigments will transform clear resins into lustrous metallic colours - they really are super-strong! Use a cocktail or mixing stick to extract the paste from the container.


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