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Made from natural minerals, our Mica Powder can be used in resin (obvs), art, nail polish, card-making, body butter/wax, oil, soap, face products, calligraphy, car paint and, of course, as an ingredient in cosmetics such as eyeshadow, lip products and blusher. Decorate the surface of candles and polymer clay with it, mix it with opaque colours to add shimmer and try mixing micas together to create new shades. 

Resin8 Mica Powders are: 100% ethically sourced - we do not buy from mines who exploit children as workers; 100% pure colour - none of our mica powder contains "fillers"; 100% vegan friendly - you won't find any crushed beetles in our mica!; 100% cosmetic grade - raw material, safe to use in cosmetics (eyes, lips, skin); 100% cruelty-free - our mica has never and will never be tested on animals; 100% natural - made from muscovite flakes coated with ultramarines, iron oxides and natural dyes.
Our Mica Mineral Flakes are ethically-sourced and cruelty-free. Although they are not cosmetic grade they look #amazeballs in resin, jesmonite and other crafts.



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