Mica, Glow & Neon Powder

Resin8 Mica Powder is a cosmetic grade pearlescent powder to add gorgeous shimmer to clear resin. Choose from a range of many vibrant colours. The small micron size of this powder gives great cover and dispersion and you only need a tiny amount to create lustrous effects. 

Natural coloured mica powder is made from mineral rocks that have been refined and purified. A complex process involving mica flakes, iron oxides and ultramarines turns these powders into the cosmetic (non artificial coloured) eyeshadow that we all know and love today. Mica powder has become increasingly popular with artists and craftspeople in recent years and we are pleased to say it provides excellent effects when added to resin.

Resin8 Neon Powder is an acrylic pigment for adding fluorescent colour to clear resin. In a fine particle size, it can be used in the same way as Mica Powder but is not naturally coloured.

Resin8 Glow Powder is a photoluminescent pigment powder that allows you to create glowing effects in resin. Add to clear resin or sprinkle over the surface. These powders absorb UV light during the day and after dark they release energy in the form of a long-lasting ambient glow. They are harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-hazardous. A full MSDS is available on request. 
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