Mould-it Putty: Skin-Safe Silicone
Mould-it Putty: Skin-Safe Silicone
Mould-it Putty: Skin-Safe Silicone
Mould-it Putty: Skin-Safe Silicone
Mould-it Putty: Skin-Safe Silicone

Mould-it Putty: Skin-Safe Silicone

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warp speed moulding
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Never done resin mould making? Our new mould-it: putty is the place to start! Suitable for beginners, this non-toxic silicone putty is super quick and easy to use with no mess! Using a simple 1:1 mix ratio, you can create basic moulds in minutes. 

Resin8 mould-it: putty takes only a minute or so to mix together by hand and only 5 minutes to set. It allows you to take an exact replica of your original so REMEMBER...Shiny = Shiny, Matte = Matte! If the piece you are moulding (the master) has a shiny surface, you will make a mould that will create castings with a shiny surface. Likewise if the master has a matte or dull surface, your mould will also have a matte surface, and will produce pieces that have a matte surface.

Why choose mould-it: putty?

  • Skin-safe - conforms to ISO 10993-10:2010* 
  • Non-toxic - contains no nasties
  • Fast - warp speed... sets within 5 minutes!
  • Easy - you don't even need to weigh it... just take out two equal looking amounts of putty from the tubs
  • No mould box needed - this putty can be used on vertical surfaces, 3d items and even on your toes (if that's your kind of thing)
  • Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free - of course!

Basic instructions

  • Judge by eye how much putty you will need to cover your master
  • Prepare your worksurface - use an old tile, acrylic block or your My Resin Work Mat
  • Take equal amounts of white and lilac putty from the tubs (mix ratio 1:1)
  • Combine together in your hands until the colours have blended thoroughly (no more than 1 minute)
  • Push the putty on to the master (or the master onto the putty) firmly
  • Leave for 5 minutes on your worksurface
  • Remove the master from your new mould!
  • The finished mould can easily be trimmed with household scissors

Resin8 mould-it: putty has a shore hardness of 35A - it will make a medium soft mould with less flexibility than our other mould-making products. Expect your mould to last for around 4-6 uses depending on the intricacy of the detail and how you demould.

For the scientists and sceptics: Our mould-it: putty conforms to ISO 10993-10:2010 - the globally recognised biological evaluation of medical devices. Specifically section 10 - the assessment of medical devices and their constituent materials with regard to their potential to produce irritation and skin sensitisation. Full MSDS available here.

  • Product Code:
  • Mix Ratio:
    1:1 by weight (g)
  • Cure Time:
    5-20 minutes
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months in sealed containers
  • Weight/Volume:
    1kg (500g Base, 500g Catalyst)
  • Hardness:
    Shore 35A