Natural Mica Powder - Interference Blue
Natural Mica Powder - Interference Blue
Natural Mica Powder - Interference Blue
Natural Mica Powder - Interference Blue
Natural Mica Powder - Interference Blue

Natural Mica Powder - Interference Blue

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ultramarine blue
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An AMAZING two-tone iridescent powder pigment that displays a gorgeous blue tone when used in resin. Try it on dark backgrounds, as subtle highlights to resin artwork and in resin castings for extra shimmer!

Packed into a small mica tub (approx. 5g) or a large tub (approx. 50g), this loose interference powder looks white when viewed straight on, and the colour changes when viewed from different angles. Notoriously difficult to photograph! If you'd like larger amounts please contact us! Extract mica from the container using a cocktail stick or mixing stick and add to the resin mix. For more guidance on how to use mica powder, check out our video below.
Resin8 Interference Mica Powder is a high purity, cosmetic grade, pearlescent powder to add gorgeous shimmering hues to resin. When used on dark backgrounds these colours reveal the most amazing iridescence. Interference pigments are made by depositing various layers of either titanium dioxide or iron oxide onto mica particles. When light hits the surface of these particles, it is then reflected and refracted by the various layers which results in multi colours. By increasing either the thickness of the titanium dioxide or the iron oxide a broad colour spectrum range can be produced. These extraordinary colours will change when viewed at various angles.

Interference Pigments should not be mixed together but used individually. Due to their complex colour changes produced through light reflection and refraction, mixing them together will only produce white. In contrast when added to absorption pigments, which are colours that are normally darker and absorb light rather than reflect, the ever changing colours of Interference will be enhanced greatly. Amazing effects can also be created in nail varnishes and liquid bases.

Resin8 Mica Powders are:
  • 100% ethically sourced - we do not buy from mines who exploit children as workers
  • 100% pure colour - none of our mica powder contains "fillers" 
  • 100% vegan friendly - you won't find any crushed beetles in our mica!
  • 100% cosmetic grade - raw material, safe to use in cosmetics (eyes, lips, skin)
  • 100% cruelty-free - our mica has never and will never be tested on animals
  • 100% natural - made from muscovite flakes coated with ultramarines, iron oxides and natural dyes
A generic Technical Data Sheet for our mica powders is available here and you can find the full MSDS for every colour here. Cosmetic "Certificates of Analysis" (COA) are available on request, however these are produced per batch of mica powder so we will need to know the date that you ordered. For the list of ingredients please view the specifications tab below.


  • Product Code:
  • Colour:
  • Weight/Volume:
    approx 3-6g
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months
  • Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
    Mica - Titanium Dioxide - Tin Oxide