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Natural Rose Petals - Margaret

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small handful
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Resin read preserved real rose petals, coloured the blackest black. Our Natural Rose Petals are named after Princess Margaret and have a deep ebony colour. We just love putting them in bangles, coasters, paperweights and more. As they're not pressed, the natural form of these petals comes to life when set in our crystal clear fill-it resin. Take care when extracting these petals from their compostable bags, they are very delicate and need to be treated with care.

  • Petal dimensions: 2-4cm across
  • Each pack contains a small handful of petals (approximately 20 petals) - the image is representative of the amount you will receive
  • These delicate flowers are natural, although dyed, therefore the shade of colour and size may sometimes slightly vary from those illustrated
  • Best set in resin within 12 months. If being stored, keep them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature
  • Pop the empty bag in your food waste bin - it will be processed by your local Council and turned into energy or fertiliser.
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    12 Months