Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow
Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow
Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow
Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow
Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow

Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow

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Make resin artwork and jewellery using all the colours in the spectrum with this Opaque Pigment Bundle - Rainbow. Including Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Bright Blue, Midnight Blue and Purple, these liquid pigments are designed to provide a flat colour and are perfect for use in all of the resins we sell on our site as well as other brands of epoxy and polyester resin.

BUMP IT UP by adding a black, white or even both. Why would you want to do this? Well, our white creates amazing cells and lightens dark tones, and our black darkens light tones, allowing you to create your very own shades.

Use them sparingly (maximum addition rate is 10% by volume of pigment to clear resin mix (10 parts pigment to 100 parts resin) - these colours are concentrated and a little goes a very long way. Use a cocktail stick or mixing stick to give the colours a good stir before use. Inter-mix the entire range of Resin8 opaque colours to create any colour in the spectrum. Some of them (any with a white base) even create their own lacing effects in resin without the need for silicone!

For all practical applications our Opaque Pigments are classed as non-toxic, although as they contain Polyester there is an aroma. We suggest wearing nitrile gloves, or using a barrier cream while working with epoxy resin and we always advise against eating, drinking or smoking while working. For more information on how to stay safe while working with resin please visit our Health & Safety page.
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    12 Months
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    7 x 30g
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    Colour Collection