Here at Resin8® we are conscious of the environment in everything that we do. As retailers of a plastic product we are even more aware of the need to reduce our impact on the environment.

We believe in using recycled materials and ethically-sourced products. We believe in running our company as ethically and eco-friendly as possible. We believe in sourcing high-quality products that can be used to make meaningful, long-lasting pieces.

So far, these are the steps we have taken to help the environment:

For each and every order:

  • All our orders are shipped carbon neutral! With help from our friends at EcoCart, for every product we ship, we offset our carbon by contributing to projects which meet the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals and are proven to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. So when you order through us, you’ll get something you love, and you’ll be part of making a big change in the world.
  • We source many of of our cardboard boxes from an environmentally-aware FSC® certified manufacturer. Belmont Packaging is a cool, Wigan-based, female-led, solar-powered company and by using them we can ensure that we support the forests from which the cardboard is sourced.
  • Our white packing peanuts are 100% plastic free and compostable, yup that’s right . . . compostable! Made here in the UK from plant starch, they can be added to your household compost bin. Don’t believe us? Just soak one in water and it’ll disintegrate in minutes.
  • We try to buy compostable and biodegradable zip-lock bags wherever possible. Taking a step away from LDPE plastic single-use bags. When we can, we use recycled paper bags instead.
  • We re-use nearly all packaging that comes in to Resin8. If you find your order arriving in an unusual box, don’t worry, you’re just helping us do our bit to help the planet! This will also explain why some of our orders arrive with traditional polystyrene loose fill and old paper – we’re just getting an eco-friendly bonus use out of single-use items. Anyway.. it's what's on the inside that counts right?
  • Any paper we receive is shredded and used as loose fill. It does a great job of protecting all your lovely products, plus it cuts down on using new packaging and resources.

As a company:

  • We only stock ethically-sourced products, including mica powder. We have zero-tolerance towards the exploitation of children, animals or people. Find out more about how we ethically-source our mica powder in the Ethics section of our FAQ's.
  • We are vegan friendly. Virtually all our products are vegan. If you would like confirmation about particular products just get in touch - we’re very happy to help.
  • We love our local workforce. Nearly all our employees live within a couple of miles of Resin8 HQ here in the Cotwolds and are able to cycle to work. Those who live further afield work from home, allowing us to reduce unnecessary pollution.

What can you do?

Check out these tips to help you become a more eco-savvy crafter. Step by step we can help protect the planet!

  • Reduce your plastic waste by re-using plastic containers and by wearing re-useable nitrile gloves.
  • Re-use the packaging that your order arrives in to send out your makes, you could pop in a note explaining why the box isn’t new. . . maybe the recipient will carry on the trend!
  • If you can’t re-use your packaging, then recycle the cardboard and compost the white packing peanuts.
  • Re-purpose cured resin drips by carefully chopping them up and adding them as eye-catching colour fragments to new resin pieces.
  • Make use of every last drop of mixed resin. We love to slowly fill up a paperweight mould with all the last drops from our different projects, once the mould is full we get to reveal a multi-coloured creation that reminds us of all our different makes.  
  • Take your empty resin bottles to your local household recycling centre. Our bottles are made from HDPE plastic which is also used for things like milk bottles and shampoo containers. 92% of councils recycle this type of plastic so please don’t throw them in waste for landfill. Remove as much resin as you can from the bottles (you don’t want to waste it!) and take them to your local recycling drop off point.

Do you have any other eco-crafter tips that we could share? We’d love to hear from you ♡

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