Pocket Digital Scales: 0.01-300g

Pocket Digital Scales: 0.01-300g

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0.01gms to 300gms
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Our Pocket Digital Scales are just the ticket for jewellers wishing to weigh out small quantities of dome-it resin. Simply place an empty mixing cup on the scales, tare (zero) the weight and add resin to the required quantity. 

These pocket sized scales weigh from 0.01g to 300g and will require 2 x AAA batteries (not included). They come with a hard case and basic instructions. Please remove any protective film before use to ensure the scales measure accurately. The scales also have a handy counting function (PCS button).

With an intelligent auto shutdown function (that times out after around 2-3 minutes when nothing is being weighed) these scales allow you to measure in grams, ounces, grains (!) and tolas (!!).

Tare Function:

  • Turn the scales on
  • Wait until the 0.00 value is displayed and place an empty mixing cup on the weighing tray
  • Press TARE and wait until 0.0! is displayed
  • Now place the full mixing cup you wish to weigh

Calibration Function: 

  • Turn the scales on
  • Wait until the 0.00 value is displayed and then press and hold the UNITS button for 3 seconds
  • When the display shows CAL!, release the button
  • Press the UNITS button again and the display will show CAL! followed by the required calibration weight
  • Place something of that weight on the scales and the display will show PASS!
  • Remove the calibration weight and press ON/OFF.

Counting Function:

  • Turn the scales on
  • Wait until the 0.00 value is displayed and then place a sample amount (e.g. 25 pieces) of the quantity you wish to weigh on the weighing tray
  • Press and hold the PCS button for 2 seconds
  • Press the UNITS button to select the sample amount of the item you wish to weigh
  • Press the PCS button again to confirm - the display should now show that you are in counting mode
  • Remove the sample quantity
  • You can now place any amount of items on your scales and they will display a count
  • You can switch between weighing and counting mode by pressing UNITS or PCS.
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    0.01gm - 300gm