Super Duper Projects

A bit like painting by numbers, these step-by-step projects take you through each stage of making various resin goodies including bag charms, mobile phone cases and, of course, jewellery! Most of the equipment and materials used are available to buy right here from Resin8.

Click the images to download a PDF of the project that you can print out... absolutely free! 


Beginner's Level Projects

Rainbow Necklace
Brightly coloured resin beads cast into a silicone muffin tray. Published in Making Jewellery issue 57.
Resin8 - Rainbow Necklace Tutorial

Christmas Cast Bauble
Gorgeous angelina fibre bauble for your Christmas tree. Published in Cooksongold Blog.

Love Flames Pendant
Gorgeous Valentine's heart pendant made with pink pearl resin and pink opaque colour paste. Written by Alice Bignami Todd on behalf of Resin8.
Resin8 - Love Flames Pendant Tutorial

Salad Bowl Necklace
Beautiful fluorite bead necklace with a copper and resin centre piece. Published in Making Jewellery issue 80.
Resin8 - Salad Bowl Necklace Tutorial

Embedding an image
Basic instructions on how to add photos and images to resin. Copyright Resin8.
Resin8 - Embedding a picture Tutorial

Dolls House Moroccan Lantern
Make a 1:12 scale red glass-effect lantern to brighten up a garden or conservatory. Published in Dolls House issue 207.
Resin8 - Moroccan Lantern Tutorial

Christmas Set
A sparkly sheet of resin cut to shape with glitzy and glowing red stars. Published in Making Jewellery issue 61.
Resin8 - Christmas Resin Set Tutorial

Dolls House Coffee Table
Revamp a coffee table by decorating the top with a lovely resin seascape. Published in Dolls House issue 206.
Resin8 - Seaside Coffee Table Tutorial

Different Treatments for Resin
Resin is so versatile - learn how to add different colours, materials and textures in silver plated pendants. Published in Making Jewellery issue 67. Resin8 - Differet Treatments Tutorial

Dolls House Garden Clock
Make a classic clock with bronze effect epoxy resin for a dolls house. Published in Dolls House issue 203.
Resin8 - Garden Clock Tutorial

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Intermediate Level Projects

Seaglass Bangles
Create coloured resin bangles with a frosted seaglass effect finish. Published in Making Jewellery issue 90.
Resin8 - Seaglass Bangles Tutorial

WIndows of Wonder
Fun and funky bangle with clever windows created using plasticene. 
Written by Tali Iserles on behalf of Resin8.
Resin8 - WIndows of Wonder Tutorial

Coat Pegs
Stylish wooden pegs with vintage fabric coated in glossy resin. Published in Making Magazine issue 53.

Resin8 - Resin Coat Pegs Tutorial

Sparkly Ring
Sparkly Christmas ring with resin and chatons. 
Published in Making Jewellery issue 87.

Resin8 - Sparkly Christmas Ring Tutorial

Dolls House Christmas Tree
1:12 scale mini Christmas Tree made from resin and sequins. 
Published in Dolls House 201.
Dolls House Christmas Tree

Jazzy Ring
Chunky silver ring with jazzy motifs and vibrant colour. 
Published in Making Jewellery issue 24.

Resin8 - Jazzy Silver Ring Tutorial

Bold Incan Pendant
Blue and purple resin pendant inspired by a Peruvian wall hanging. 
Copyright Resin8.
Resin8 - Bold Incan Pendant Tutorial

Dolls House Tablet
1:12 scale mini tablet for dolls houses made from resin and polymer clay. 
Published in Dolls House issue 208.
Resin8 - Tablet Computer Tutorial

Pastel Flowers
Gorgeous pastel flower bracelet, necklace and ring made with resin. Published in Making Jewellery issue 79.

Resin8 - Pastel Flowers Tutorial

Cloisonne Bag Charm
Use an updated cloisonne effect in this colourful bag charm. Copyright Resin8.

Resin8 - Bag Charm Tutorial

Flexible Phone Case
Dried flower and resin phone case made with hydrangeas and flexible resin. Published in Making Magazine issue 56.

Resin8 - Dried Flower and Resin Phone Case Tutorial

Zigzag Earrings
Oxidised chevron stud earrings made with resin. Published in Making Jewellery issue 63.

Resin8 - Silver Zigzag Earrings Tutorial

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Advanced Level Projects
Pretty in Pink
Pastel tones, silver beads and oxidisation - a lovely summery necklace. Published in Making Jewellery issue 94.
Resin8 - Pretty in Pink Tutorial

Resin & Wood Shelf
An amazing resin shelf project designed by Anna Webster. A taster for all you resin & wood fanatics!
Resin8 - Resin & Wood Shelf

Fallen Leaves
Pretty brass and resin necklace inspired by autumn leaves. 
Published in Making Jewellery issue 86.
Resin8 - Fallen Leaves Tutorial

Rio Carnival
Vibrant colourful necklace made from resin and copper. 
Published in Making Jewellery issue 31.
Resin8 - Rio Carnival Necklace Tutorial

Neon Ring
Vibrant striped neon ring cast from your own handmade silicone mould. Published in Making Jewellery issue 55.

Resin8 - Neon Ring Tutorial

Key to my Heart
Valentine's heart pendant made with lilac sparkle, pink pearl and pink transparent resin. 
Written by Helen Bowen on behalf of Resin8.

Sunset Pendant
Bright resin pendant using silversmithing techniques. 
Copyright Resin8.
Resin8 - Vibrant Sunset Pendant Tutorial

Mosaic Pendant
Upcycle your broken dinner plates and make a fabulous resin pendant. Published in Making Magazine issue 73.

Resin8 - Mosaic and Resin Pendant Tutorial

Double-sided Tropical Pendant
A reversible pendant - one side representing day and one side night. Copyright Resin8.

Resin8 - Tropical Pendant Tutorial

Gold Bracelet
Fabulously classy gold resin bracelet with matching gold spacer beads. Published in Making Magazine issue 74.

Resin8 - Gold Resin Bracelet Tutorial

Plique a Jour Bracelet
Combine silver drops and sparkly resin to make this stunning bracelet. Copyright Resin8.

Resin8 - Resin Bracelet Tutorial

The copyright in these projects belongs to our lovely designers, magazines and to Resin8 Craft Supplies Limited. We’ve worked hard to create projects for you to make and love, so please don’t re-sell or distribute our work without permission from Resin8. We don’t mind if you make a copy for a friend but please respect everyone’s hard work and do not make any part of this PDF available to others through your website or a third party website, or copy it multiple times without our permission. Please pass on this information if you make a copy for a friend. Copyright law protects creative work and unauthorised copying is illegal. We appreciate your help and understanding.
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