Rejuven8 Scratch Remover: Abrasive Paste for Resin

Rejuven8 Scratch Remover: Abrasive Paste for Resin

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finish your castings to perfection
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The perfect polishing paste for finishing epoxy resin castings and removing scratches in cured epoxy resin. The Rejuven8 Scratch Remover: Abrasive Paste for Resin is pure magic. Simply add a little to a polishing cloth, buff the scratched surface of your epoxy resin casting and voila... scratches all gone! 

Available in 4 sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml
NB. The supersize 500ml comes in a tub without a pump.

Instructions: Sand your Resin8 epoxy resin casting first working through the grades of Rejuven8 Wet & Dry Abrasive Paper that has been moistened to reduce resin dust. Use the Rejuven8 Polishing Cloth to dry the casting. Shake the Rejuven8 scratch remover bottle well and pump out a small amount of this abrasive paste to a dry corner of the cloth. Buff the surface of the casting for a few minutes. For a perfect finish, use the Rejuven8 SUPERFINE Resin Polishing Cloth and Rejuven8 Shine Enhancer Spray afterwards.

Health & Safety: This product can cause skin and eye irritation, as well as allergic skin reactions. Should this product get onto skin or into eyes wash immediately. Please familiarise yourself with the MSDS before use available here. Information on health & safety while working with epoxy resins can be read on our Health & Safety page.

NB. This product has been tested on Resin8 branded epoxy resins - we are unable to comment on how this product will work on other epoxy resins.
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