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Confused about which resin to buy? It can be a little daunting but we will help you choose the right resin for what you're trying to make. Check out our handy guide below and our full specification table here. It's important to read the health & safety information and the detailed technical data sheet - it is full of useful information about working with resin. You'll also want to check out the instructions for the resin you buy - you can access these from each product page.
coat-it 1 to 1 EPOXY ART RESIN - artwork, coating, jewellery in bezels
fill-it SLOWCURE EPOXY CASTING RESIN - casting into silicone moulds (bangles, paperweights, sculptures), river tables
dome-it JEWELLERY RESIN - convex finishing layer for jewellery
HEAT-RESISTANT EPOXY RESIN - finishing layer for coasters, placemats, trays, etc
JESMONITE SCULPT & CAST - casting, sculpture, coasters
Happy resining!