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Shop our collection of best-selling vegan-friendly, non-toxic premium epoxy resin.
We make our resins specifically for art, craft & jewellery, because your precious makes deserve the absolute highest quality. Buy the best and forget the rest. Happy resining!

Confused about which resin you need? No need for confusion here! We've got you.

Coat-it: Fast-setting, premium all-purpose epoxy resin for jewellery, cocktail coasters, trinket dishes and coating paintings. Coat-it is the resin you've been looking for, and now you've found it! 🙌

Heat-resistant: The best coaster resin on the market (obvs). With a proven track record (tested with many a cuppa), although diva-esque, use heat-resistant resin for coasters, placemats, candle base plates & table tops. ☕

Fill-it: You want something crystal-clear with NO bubbles? This is the one for you. Perfect for creating and preserving special memories, fill-it is a real take-your-time resin made for pouring at depth. Use this slow-curing resin for sculpture, casting wedding flowers and river tables. 🌼

Dome-it: Thick and strong doming resin for the professional jeweller in you. High surface tension, quick to set and remarkable clarity. Boom. Nuff said. 💍




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