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Essential tools and accessories for working with resin. From super-duper accessory kits containing nitrile gloves, mixing sticks and cups to crystal clear epoxy glue, palette knives for mixing and barrier cream for protecting your hands. 
Silver & Gold Earring Pads x 12
8mm diameter
Keyring Fittings x 5
3cm diameter
Mini Magnets x 5
2cm diameter
Plastic Tubing
40cm length
Double Ended Pin Vice
0 - 3.1mm
Heavy Duty Resin Stirrer
For resin artwork
Heavy Duty Resin Spreader
For resin artwork
Silicone Mat
Extra Large Acrylic Block
9cm Acrylic Coaster Slice
Mixing Cups - Graduated
x10 Graduated Cups 25ml
Super Resin Accessory Set
Sticks, Cups, Gloves
Quadaxial Fabric
Nitrile Gloves
x 5 pairs
Mixing Set - Graduated Cups
Sticks, Cups, Block
Miniature Glass Bottle x 2
17 x 9mm
Araldite - Crystal Clear Glue
Quick Drying
Powder Scoop
1/8 + 1/4 Teaspoon
Sequin Picker Pencil
Blu-Tack in a Pencil!!
Palette Knife
Essential for Gel Resin
Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper
Choice of grades
Mixing Cups
x3 Plastic Cups 20ml
Mixing Sticks
Mixing Set - Plain Cups
Sticks, Cups, Block
Digital Scales
0.1gms to 500gms
Medium Acrylic Block
Large Acrylic Block
Barrier (Skin Protection) Cream