RESIN8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin 1kg

Product code: R8037
1:1 Mixing Ratio

Product information


500ml 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin & 500ml 1 to 1 Epoxy Hardener in plastic bottles.

Resin8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin is an easy to use, ASTM Certified non-toxic epoxy resin for use in jewellery and art. This 1 to 1 resin is designed for use in thin layers, doming, embedding and coating. It can be coloured with opaque and transparent pigments and can have many things added including mica powder, glitter and alcohol ink. Resin8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin is suitable for use as a food-safe coating but NOT as a food preparation/cutting surface. It is the fastest curing artwork epoxy resin on the market and when used for coating resin paintings you will be able to move your artwork within 3-4 hours!

Top tip: after you have mixed your resin and hardener together, USE IT IMMEDIATELY! Don't let it sit around.

Key benefits of RESIN8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin:
  • 1:1 by volume measuring (1 part resin: 1 part hardener)
  • Solvent free
  • Self-levelling
  • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • High Gloss
  • Optically clear
  • Pot life: 15 minutes
  • Cure time: between 19 and 24 hours
  • Non-flammable
  • Vegan friendly
Should you prefer to weigh this resin (rather than measure by volume) you should use the ratio 100 parts resin to 90 parts hardener (1:0.9).

RESIN8 1 to 1 Epoxy is an epoxy resin and does come with Health & Safety implications. Please familiarise yourself with the technical data sheet for this resin, as well as the instructions that we have written for ease of use. You will need to wear nitrile gloves, or use a barrier cream while using this resin and we advise against eating, drinking or smoking while working. Full MSDS are available on the Health & Safety page.

Technical specifications

Brand Resin8
Code R8037
Condition New
Weight 1.1kg
Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Weight/Volume 500ml resin, 500ml hardener
Pot Life 10-15 minutes
Cure Time 19-24 hours


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